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Fortis Hospital, NOIDA takes initiative to spread awareness on timely detection & prevention of Cancer on World Cancer Day

Date : February 03, 2016

Doctors at Fortis Hospital, NOIDA emphasized that it is critical to understand cancer, the key symptoms and early warning signs facts and trends and ways to prevent some types of cancer that the public needs to know so that they are equipped with the knowledge to battle it, adopt healthier lifestyle approaches and emerge victorious.

Dr. Gagan Saini, Senior Consultant, Department of Radiation Oncology, Fortis Hospital, Noida said, “Cancer is a malignant growth or tumour in any part of the body, resulting from an uncontrolled division of cells. These genes are activated by mutations that are a result of environment or lifestyle influences such as tobacco, alcohol, radiation, harmful pollutants, etc. In India, the most prevalent forms of cancers among women are breast and cervical cancer; whereas in men, it is lung, head and neck cancers. The early symptoms of cancer can be any uncontrolled growth, difficulty in swallowing, excess coughing, bleeding from the mouth or other parts, excess bloating of the stomach and unexplained weight loss. Any of these may point to cancer and need immediate investigation. However, cancer is preventable to some extent if one adopts healthy lifestyle practices, such as avoiding tobacco use, consuming alcohol only occasionally and maintaining an ideal body weight through regular physical activity. The western countries have been able to provide a high survival to their cancer patients. This is primarily because of their concerted approach to cancer detection in the form of population based screening of common cancers and also preventive measures. India has highest rate of oral cancer in the world with more than 50 percent attributable to tobacco use. With more than 10 lakh deaths attributed to tobacco related cancers. We too can tackle our cancer burden by simple method of prevention by curtailing use of tobacco.”

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