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Fortis Escorts applies optimum skill and expertise in treating a Pakistani patient to save his life

Date : September 17, 2016

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute exhibited yet again the level of skill and expertise the doctors are equipped with in operating a patient from Pakistan in a life-saving effort. The team was led by Dr. Aparna Jaswal, Associate Director, Electrophysiology, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute.

Zafar Khan, 61 years of age, hails from Peshawar in Pakistan. He has had a stent procedure conducted seven years ago and a year ago his kidneys had deteriorated very badly. He was advised a kidney transplant. Tests were conducted to determine his medical condition and they revealed that not only was his heart very weak and functioning to only 15 – 16 % of its capacity. it was also considered appropriate by all doctors to first treat the heart condition and consider the kidney transplant only later.

Several rounds to multiple hospitals in Pakistan led to no positive outcome as all the hospitals turned Zafar Khan away on the basis that none of them were equipped to treat him due to lack of skill and clinical excellence. He was advised implantation of a CRT in Pakistan, however, but his sons could not find any healthcare provider ready to take the challenge of their father. Hence, his sons decided to bring him to India. Several rounds to 5 – 6 hospitals in Delhi also did not yield much due to his critical condition of his father requiring much expertise of the implantation of the CRT. On the advice of a friend, Zafar Khan was brought to Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. With an implant of the CRT, it was a successful attempt to have Zafar Khan lead a better life and hoping for an extended lease of life.

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