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Single Incision Laparoscopic Technique Introduced At Fortis Noida

Date : April 12, 2017

Fortis Hospital Noida has recently introduced the pioneering technique of Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) under its initiatives. The latest modality in the field of minimally invasive surgery, the benefits of the SILS lie in stark contrast with those of traditional surgeries which require three or four incisions. Established by the Department of General Surgery, MAS and Bariatric Surgery under the leadership of Dr Sudhir Sharma, Director along with Dr Nitin Jha and Dr Tarun Kumar, Senior Consultants and Dr Kapil Kochhar, Additional Director; the hospital has conducted successful surgeries on patients, substituting the conventional procedures with SILS.

Fortis Hospital, Noida is the first and the only center in this region to have introduced this technique for the benefit of its patients.

SILS is conducted with a single incision, the entry point of which is from the left umbilicus (belly button). A complex procedure in which the work of multiple medical instruments is orchestrated through a single access point, SILS is regarded as an exemplary form of innovation resulting in less pain, faster recovery and the absence of surgical scars. Along with many benefits, SILS often offers financial advantages to hospitals, patient’s health care insurance options and employers, too. It   requires a shorter hospital stay post-surgery than conventional operations. Although SILS offers exciting benefits for any wide variety of patients facing weight-loss challenges, not everyone is an applicant for the procedure. Obesity, severe adhesions, or scarring from previous surgeries are a few of the factors that would prohibit patients from getting the surgery.

Prem Chandra Mishra, aged 40 years, was suffering from excruciating pain in his right lower abdomen as a result of which he was incessantly vomiting. After the necessary medical evaluations, he was diagnosed with appendicitis. Conventionally a long procedure, the appendectomy was performed successfully using the Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgical technique on March 27, 2017. The post-operative care for the patient was smooth and his recovery was speedy and instantaneous. He was able to get back into his regular everyday routine promptly and did not face any hindrances in conducting routine day-to-day activities.    

Ankur, aged 27 years, was admitted to the hospital after he experienced severe pain in his right upper abdomen.  A comprehensive medical examination revealed that his body was playing host to several gallstones. The doctors recommended surgery and on March 7, 2017, the patient underwent a Laparoscopic cholecystectomy using the SILS technique. His recovery was swift and painless as a result of which he was able to be back into his regular lifestyle easily.

Dr. Sudhir Sharma, Director, Department of General Surgery, MAS & Bariatric Surgery, Fortis Hospital, Noida shared, “Conducting a surgery using the SILS technique is extremely tricky. A delicate and intricate procedure, the surgeon has to have a very precise hand which will allow him to meticulously insert and manoeuvre different instruments through a single incision. The ability to coordinate such an elaborate procedure requires the coming together of a cohesive team which can work patiently to put their best foot forward and use all the skills and expertise at their disposal”.

Dr Kousar Ali Shah, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospital, Noida said, “To conduct and complete a surgery using the SILS method, the team at Fortis Noida is equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure. They are able to undertake these challenging and otherwise complicated surgeries with finesse as they are highly trained and their specialities have been honed to the best of their capabilities. The hospital supports any advancement of technology that is in the best interest of the patients.”

Surgery is a medical procedure in which the body is cut into to treat any abnormality. These cuts can be minimally invasive incisions or large scale incisions. It depends entirely on the requirement. Laparoscopy is a technique in which surgeries are performed from a distance through small incisions. The procedure involves use of a video camera and several instruments called laparoscopic devices. The camera provides an image of the organs inside the body onto a screen/monitor from where the surgeon is able to visualize the inside organs on which to operate. During a laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon performs on a 3D platform but visualizes the procedure on a 2D screen. Due to smaller incisions made, these surgeries have numerous advantages and faster postoperative recovery.

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