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Survival rate and quality of life after neurosurgery now improving: Dr Pathak

Date : July 28, 2016

Revolutionary progress in Neurosurgery has improved survival rate and quality of life post-surgery. Now the surgeons treat brain tumours, Head injury, Stroke and host of other brain conditions. This was said by experienced Neurosurgeon Dr Ashis Pathak, Director – Neurosurgery at Fortis Hospital Mohali, while addressing a press conference here today.

Talking about cutting-edge technology and therapies available at Fortis Mohali to improve patient outcomes, Dr Pathak “Earlier, doctors did not have image guidance to understand the location of the tumour or lesion in the brain and spine. But today, Neuro-imaging modalities like MRI, MR Spectroscopy, MR Tractography, 3D-DSA and intraoperative MRI help improve patient survival.”

At the same time, precision technology has made Microsurgical or Endoscopic Neurosurgery more precise and safe, thus revolutionizing the surgical field.

“We get a lot of patients who once avoided spine surgery due to lack of options. But now, spinal surgery has become safer, technically easier and patient friendly. Medical instruments used in the spine have evolved in a big way to cure spinal compression and deformities, putting the patient’s life back on rails very soon,” the Neurosurgeon shared.

Having an expertise in minimally invasive Neurosurgery, Dr Pathak said, “Brain and spinal surgery are being done with minimum exposure and maximum target specificity. This provides a shorter stay, reduces cost and lowers morbidity after any such procedure.”

“When a patient is in ICU, the availability of biochemical probes, ICP monitoring and Transcranial Doppler allow us to monitor the physiological changes in the nervous system, thus ensuring the treatment can be modified and enhanced as per need,” said Dr Pathak, who has over 32 years of experience in the field of Neurosurgery, both in India and abroad.

“Abnormal growth, or lesions, inside the spinal cord were once considered a nightmare for any Neurosurgeon, given the delicate position. But now these can be easily taken out without any fear of causing inadvertent damage to the cord,” Dr Pathak said. Similarly, many patients at Fortis Mohali have undergone successful surgery for deep-seated lesions inside the brain with exact precision and minimal disturbance to surrounding brain.

Fortis Mohali added a dedicated center for cancer care last year and many patients of brain tumour have benefited from the most advanced Radiotherapy equipment available there. “Many conditions that were hazardous to be treated with conventional radiotherapy because of the complications and side effect of radiation are easily treated at Fortis Mohali, where we have Elekta Linear Accelerator with VMAT, IGRT, IMRT, SRS, SRBT, ABC and 4D RT that spare the normal brain but bombards the cancer cells, thus destroying them with absolute precision,” Dr Pathak said.

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