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Fortis Hospital, Vashi, Conducts Multi-Specialty Health-Check Camp for Students of Jaipuriar School, Sanpada

Date : July 14, 2016

A multi-specialty health-check camp for students of the Jaipuriar School in Sanpada, revealed shocking facts about the state of children’s health in Navi Mumbai, with a high percentage of school students suffering from major dental, vision-related and general health problems. 

The expert team of doctors who conducted these check-ups included: Ophthalmology screening by Dr Harshwardhan Ghorpade (HOD – Ophthalmology Department, Fortis Hospital, Vashi & Team); General Pediatric check-ups by Dr Shatdeepa Goswami (Paediatrician at Fortis Hospital, Vashi) and Dental screening by Dr Ajay Mathur (HOD – Dental Department, Fortis Hospital, Vashi) & Team.

Out of nearly 600 students who were screen for the dental problems, as many as 90-95% of the children were found to have severe dental problems including Caries (90% of students), Crowding (95%). As many as 90% of those screened were detected to have various vision-related problems. Around 70-80% of students were found suffering from respiratory problems like Asthama & Allergies, Cold & Cough, Tonsils etc., and almost 90% students were found to have some dental problem.

As part of its continuous efforts to engage deeper with the society at large, Fortis Hospital, Vashi, had organized a multispecialty camp at Sanpada’s Jaipuriar School during 11th July to 13th July, and conducted various health check-ups on around 600 students from Nursery to Standard X. These check-ups were done to identify dental, vision-related and pediatric problems among school-going children. Below are the findings of these check-ups:

Eye check-ups of Jaipuriar School students were somewhat concerning with as many as 90% of those screened suffered from myopic vision. Among others, 5% students manifested Reflective Errors; 2% students had Hypermetropia; 8% students showed Astigmatisam and about 2% had Squint eye.

Findings of General Pediatric Check-Ups were more or less in lines with expectations. While as much as 70%-80% of the children manifested Cough & Cold due to seasonal factors, 12% students suffered from Asthama & Allergies and 6% students suffered from Tonsils. Interestingly, around 20% of those who were screened displayed Obesity – they were observed to be overweight for their age.

Like most children, students of Jaipuriar School also showed higher incidence of dental problems. As many as 95% of students showed Crowding of teeth and 90% showed dental caries or tooth decay. Among others, around 20% of those screened were found to be suffering from poor oral hygiene and 20% of them had one or more teeth missing. Surprisingly, almost half of those screened were found to have habit of thumb-sucking or nail-biting.

Maximum health problems were found in the children between the age group of 5-6 years.

Doctors from Fortis Hospital also offered general consultation to the students and gave them general tips on better personal hygiene and healthy living.

Added C L Madhuri, Principal of the Jaipuriar School: “We were surprised by the results of the Fortis Hospital’s health check-up camp at our school. We will step-up our efforts to provide healthy environment to our students and ensure that children understand virtues of healthy living. We would also seek support from the parents of the students in ensuring that children stay healthy physically as well as emotionally. Children’s health must not be ignored, as they are the future of our country. We appreciate eye-opening efforts of Fortis Hospital, Vashi, and look forward to their association in ensuring better health for our students.”

Dr Bipin Chevale, Facility Director, Fortis Hospital, Vashi, said, “The findings of the Health Check-Up camp at Sanpada’s Jaipuriar School have been concerning. Children of all ages are susceptible to infections and diseases, most of which go undetected as they are ignored by parents as well as teachers. While most of these problems identified among the students are seemingly minor, they can become serious if not controlled in time. Parents and teachers must consider the health of the children with extra care and ensure that they grow in a healthy environment. More weightage must be given on personal hygiene and overall well-being of health at schools. Regular health check-ups in early ages help identify issues and provide timely treatment; which in turn help avoid progressive health problems. In our endeavor to spread the message of importance of health, we will continue to engage with various schools across the city to further this cause.”

Encouraged by the participation and enthusiasm of students of Jaipuriar School and success of the program, Fortis Hospital, Vashi, plans to conduct more such sessions for other schools in the city.

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