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Fortis Noida saves life of a patient suffering from multiple organ failure and a life-threatening heart condition

Date : September 06, 2016

Fortis Hospital, Noida successfully operated on 45 year old patient from Aligarh to save him form a life threating heart infection. The surgery was conducted by Dr. Vaibhav Mishra, Senior Consultant, Dept. of Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery, Fortis Hospital, Noida.

Jitendra Singh was brought to Fortis Hospital Noida with a suspected stroke alongwith severe weakness and part paralysis of his body. During work up of the case the cause of his brain stroke was diagnosed to be an infection in the heart valve. This disease called the Infective Endocarditis of the Heart Valves leads to a growth of mushroom like vegetation on the heart valve which subsequently break and get lodged in the brain causing strokes. This patient was having a large 3 cm infectious growth on his valve which had destroyed the valve and caused severe leaking of the mitral valve in his heart. The blood was therefore, being pushed back instead of a forward flow and this led to the severe bleeding.

Patient Jitendra was advised surgical intervention but his low grade sepsis led to blood infection in his body called as Septicemia, an extremely critical condition. His kidneys had stopped working and he was on dialysis. His lungs could not support his body and he was put on ventilator support. Jitendra went into septic shock with kidney, liver dysfunction resulting in dialysis; lung dysfunction resulting in the patient put on life support, and high doses of inotropic support to keep his blood pressure at the required level. All this was the result of a major infection in his heart valve which had crippled all his organs.

The surgical procedure conducted to replace the mitral valve resulted in the patient taken off life support and all functions restored as earlier, though his kidneys still required dialysis. These surgeries in medical conditions such as this one are extremely challenging and risky with a survival chance of only 50% according to International Mortality Predictor.

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