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Fortis Hospital, Anandapur Observed International Childhood Cancer Day

Date : February 15, 2016

15th February, 2016 – Fortis Hospital Anandapur observed International Childhood Cancer Day on 15th February. Early symptoms of childhood cancer include continued and unexplained weight loss, early morning headaches, increased swelling in bones and joints, lump or mass formation in the abdomen, neck, chest or armpits, excessive bleeding or bruising, constant infections, persistent nausea, fever and vomiting, whitish color behind the pupil.

Dispelling myths that cancer in children is not curable, Dr. Gouri Shankar Bhattacharya, Consultant Medical Oncology Fortis Hospital Anandapursaid that, “With early detection and proper treatment, cancer in children is curable and the child can go on to lead a healthy life. The mother is the best detector because she knows her child best.”

  • An approximate number of 46,000 to 1,46,000 children in India are affected by cancer every year
  • Childhood cancer comes with a lot of problems, the major one being ignorance about the disease and its symptoms
  • Next is the fear associated with the name ‘cancer’
  • Lastly, lack of knowledge about how proper treatment can be acquired

Childhood cancer is the biggest disease killer of children in the US and worldwide. 70%-90% childhood cancers are curable in the developing countries. Sadly, in India as many as 80% children do not survive.

“There are twelve major types of cancer that may affect the bones, muscle, blood, kidney, brain or even the eyes, whereas lung, breast, colon are the cancers which commonly occur in adults” says Dr. Gouri Shankar Bhattacharya.

Fortis Hospital, Anandapur has pledged to create awareness on childhood cancer through a series of sessions with schools, resident welfare associations and corporates.

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