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18-year-old Rizwan from Sialkot in Pakistan hopes to be able to walk free like his twin.

Date : January 02, 2016

Eighteen-year-old Rizwan Nasrullah from Sialkot in Pakistan is not quite like his twin brother back home. Cerebral Palsy since birth has rendered his leg muscles weak, making him unable to stand straight or walk without support. His twin is, however, hale and hearty and Rizwan is determined to match his brother at every step in life. Ever since he grew up enough to be able to think independently, he has had a burning desire to live life normally, but lack of an effective medical remedy for his ailment in Pakistan has been frustrating the youth so far.

Aspiring to be a Chartered Accountant, Rizwan, accompanied by his landlord father Nasr-ullah Khan, has for the first time in his life shown signs of hope and confidence that he will be able to stand and walk on his own, through with the help of drugs, which have be infused into his body with programmed external devise for life.

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