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Impact of Media on Students and Youth

Date : June 21, 2016

To gain a deeper insight and understanding about the effect of media on the attitudes, beliefs and lifestyle of adolescents in the Delhi-NCR region, Department of Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Healthcare under the guidance of Dr Samir Parikh, Director, conducted a survey amongst 1350 school-going teenagers aged 14-17 years in Delhi-NCR. A semi-structured questionnaire was utilized to conduct the survey.

The survey results show that for nearly three-fourths of students today, social media is a tremendous influence. Students consider it the best platform and rely on it to catch up on latest happenings, trends and to follow fashion. Very few youth like to read to source information and instead rely on social media today for facts, news and information. Social media also influences their lifestyle, clothing and shopping. Celebrities and their activities in media also influence their self-image and interpersonal skills. Further, Reality TV shapes their behavior patterns and opinions.

Overall, the study finds that media has a far-reaching impact on the minds and behavior of youth today. Their lifestyle choices, likes and dislikes are being fashioned by what they see on online and electronic media. As they take in whatever they watch or hear around them, the impact of the media on these young minds is actually staggering. A key concern is also that most students rely on social media for facts, information and knowledge as compared to books and magazines. Reading different kinds of materials goes a long way in making students creative and imaginative, however this is not the case as the study reveals.

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