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45mins of CPR & a lifesaving procedure saves 55yr old at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan

Date : April 13, 2017

On Sunday morning, doctors at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, admitted a 55yr old male patient on an emergency basis; he complained of chest pain and dizziness that he had experienced at home. Tests were run and his ECG showed that he had experienced a heart attack which dropped his heart rate to 30 beats per minute. It was during the process of admission and preparation of the patient for Primary Angioplasty, when his heart stopped!

The Critical Care team along with Dr Zakia Khan, Consultant Cardiologist, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, conducted CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) for 45mins on the patient. It was during this time that his heart rhythm varied from complete heart block to Ventricular Tachycardia(heart rate fluctuated between 30 counts to 200 counts per minute for about 45mins, due to improper electrical activity in the ventricles). The patient received multiple shocks for Ventricular Tachycardia and he was fitted with temporary Pacemaker.

It was concluded that the patient was suffering from a critical cardiac condition called Cardiogenic Shock(when the heart is unable to pump enough blood), which was coupled with multiple cardiac arrests that he had experienced. In such cases, if there is a delay in cardiac intervention, the patient could die, slip into a coma or experience multiple organ failure. After discussing risks and benefits with relatives of the patient, a Coronary Angiography was conducted with Intraortic Balloon Pump support to help the sinking heart. His Coronary Angiography revealed two blockages in his Arteries. He underwent an Angioplasty along with Drug-Eluting Stent implantation in both Arteries in a staged manner.

The patient survived this critical cardiac condition and life support were eventually weaned off after 4- 5 days. There was no damage to any of the vital organs; normal Kidney and Brain function was reported. The patient was discharged after 8 days and is now recuperating well.

Speaking about the case, Dr Zakia Khan, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, said, “Through this case we need to make people understand that it is not advisable to take chest pains lightly and it is important to visit your doctor to understand the cause of it. Such critical cases are treated successfully only if the team is highly competent and experienced with all facilities under one roof”.

The teams of doctors monitors the patient’s condition as he continues to visit the hospital regularly for the next few months; and are confident he will be able to live a full and normal life going forward. 

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