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Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, to discharge 1st kidney transplant recipient

Date : September 06, 2016

Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi discharged the 56 year old male patient from Bhiwandi who received the 1st Kidney Transplant at the hospital. The patient, who suffered from End-stage Renal Disease(ERD), had the Kidney Transplant procedure successfully conducted on him on August 24, 2016. This life saving transplant was made possible when a 66yr old female patient, admitted at the hospital, was declared Brain Dead following Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (Brain Hemorrhage).

The donor’s family, upon counselling, consented to donate their kin’s organs, a noble gesture that saved and enriched the lives of many. The donated Kidneys and Liver were transplanted into three deserving patients and the Corneas were sent to an Eye Bank. The team that harvested the kidney and transplanted it into the recipient suffering from ERD, comprised of Dr Sumit Mehta, Consultant Urologist & Transplant Surgeon, Dr Ramesh Mahajan, Consultant Urologist & Transplant surgeon and Dr Atul Ingale, Nephrologist, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi.

Speaking about the successful transplant surgery and the patient’s remarkable recovery, Dr Atul Ingale, Nephrologist, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, said, “The recovery period after the transplant is extremely critical since the body acclimatizes to the new organ. After observation over the past two weeks, we are very pleased with the recovery the patient has made. We are confident that he will soon be able to live a normal life once discharged. We will, continue to monitor the patient’s health even after the discharge.”

Dr Manisha Bobade, Facility Director, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, said, “This is a proud moment for all of us at Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi. A Kidney Transplant is no simple feat and the real test of its success lies in the recovery process. Our Clinical Team has done an outstanding and lifesaving job. We are delighted that the patient has received a clean bill of health from our doctors and we are indebted to the selflessness of the donor’s kin who has given him a new lease of life.”

At the discharge, the recipient’s son said, “This surgery is nothing short of a miracle for us, a joyous moment for my family. Dr Sumit Mehta, Dr Ramesh Mahajan, Dr Atul Ingale and their teams were strong pillars of support and the best caregivers for my father.”

This transplant was made possible with support from the donor’s family, Medical Social Workers, team of clinicians at the hospital and Dr Sujata Patwardhan, General Secretary, Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee, who worked relentlessly to make this transplant happen.

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