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3yr Old Undergoes Surgeries to Remove Caterpillar Hair from Her Right Eye

Date : February 01, 2016

A three year old from Navi Mumbai had travelled to Karad with her familyto her grandmother’s house, as she played in the garden a Caterpillar fell into her right eye. Her parents rushed her to a local clinic as the pricking increased and the child couldn’t open her eye. The Physician saw over 150 strands of Caterpillar hair lodged into the eye; he precariously removed about 60-70% hair, under anesthesia. However, the remaining bunch of hair could not be removed and continued to cause irritation in the child’s eye.

The Physician informed the girl’s parents that there were a few more strands of hair left in the eye that couldn’t be removed and they should consult a specialist in city. Returning home the very next day, the Sandecha family consulted their local Ophthalmologist in Navi Mumbai, who, upon examining the baby, referred them to Dr Girija Suresh, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mulund. The baby was rushed to Fortis Hospital in Mulund. Initially, the baby wouldn’t allow the doctor to carry out examination. Eventually, the examination had to be done under General Anesthesia. “The foreign bodies like stiff Caterpillar hair, which are not visible to the naked eyes, have tendency to get lodged deep inside the eye and can cause a lot of agony to the patient. Our challenge increased multifold as we were dealing with a 3yr old patient who would not know how to express her condition,” said Dr Girija.

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