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Doctors in Fortis Hospital, NOIDA highlight a trend of rising cases of Dual Cancer

Date : January 31, 2017

Doctors at Fortis Hospital, NOIDA has been treating patients suffering from a particular type of cancer, who need a revisit following a recurrence of a different type of cancer more often now. The team of medical oncology at the hospital, led by Dr Vikas Goswami, Senior Consultant and Dr Devavrat Arya, Senior Consultants, said that the cases of such dual cancer patients are on the rise & is now seen as a trend. Two patients, who were treated successfully for dual cancer recurrence by the doctors at Fortis Hospital, NOIDA, recounted their experience in a press meet today.

Munni Devi, 52 years old lady from Mathura, was suffering from breast cancer when she was successfully treated by doctors in 2010 at the hospital. The surgery was successful after which she was administered chemotherapy & consequently discharged. However, in 2015, there was a noticeable swelling in her right eye which kept on growing. After initial ignored, she finally approached doctors at Fortis Hospital, NOIDA. Following investigations, it was revealed that there is a sarcoma of the right eye; i.e. a tumour in the eye muscles. Post treatment & chemotherapy, she has now completely recuperated from swelling in her eye. As her case is a dual cancer, she is regularly consulting doctors at the hospital.

Daneshwari Devi, 47 years old from Ghaziabad, developed breast cancer in the year 2004. She underwent surgery & chemotherapy and cured off the disease. However, in 2015, she noticed swelling in her abdomen. Further investigations revealed that she had developed sarcoma of the ovary. A successful surgery was done to remove the tumour followed by chemotherapy and currently she has been cured with the disease. This is again a case of dual cancer when a patient suffers from a different type of cancer after having successfully treated for a different type of cancer earlier.

Cancer in different parts of the body may develop twice or even more occasions over a period of time. The risk of a second cancer is related to genetics, lifestyle factors and previous cancer treatment. A survivor’s risk of getting a new cancer diagnosis is 14 percent greater than the risk of someone who never had cancer. Such dual cancer patients are growing who has been seeking treatment of late.

Dr. Vikas Goswami, Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology, Fortis Hospital, Noida said, “As treatment of cancer are improving, we are seeing a rise in number of dual cancer patients. We are seeing at least one & sometimes two cases of dual cancer patients in a month. This is a worrying fact but to counter it, there is a need to create awareness about regular check-ups & counselling even after one is completely cured.”

Dr. Devavrat Arya, Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology, Fortis Hospital, Noida said, “Genetic cases often cause cancer at a young age. They are prone to development of second cancer at some different organ.

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