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Doctors at Fortis Hospital Noida save life of an international patient suffering from complex congestive cardiac failure

Date : August 18, 2017

Fortis Hospital Noida performed a complex, life-saving valve replacement surgery on a 58 year old Nigerian patient Mr. Gixo Wakili Nakwada, who suffered from congestive cardiac failure. This precariously administered laborious procedure was performed by a team of doctors led by Dr. Vaibhav Mishra, Senior Consultant, Dept of Cardiac Surgery, Fortis Hospital Noida.

Mr. Gixo Wakili Nakwada had suddenly developed severe breathlessness for almost 2 months. He was barely able to walk even for a few meters and was virtually incapacitated. He had also developed immense swelling in both his legs which increased at a steady pace as days passed. Even after undergoing comprehensive tests the doctors in Nigeria were unable to find the cause of the illness. Mr. Gixo was presented to Fortis Hospital Noida in a severely deterotriating health condition where his lungs were filled with fluid, his feet swollen to four times their normal size, the liver had enlarged causing fluid to build up in his abdomen and two of his valves were not working. His reports were scrutinised carefully by Dr Vaibhav Mishra who advised further evaluation on an urgent basis.

After the patient’s condition optimized, he requested discharge as he did not have sufficient money for the operation. However, ten days later he was readmitted as his heart had enlarged to three times that of its normal size and heart function was less. Both the valves of the patient were operated, one valve was replaced with a mechanical heart valve and other was repaired. His post recovery period was extremely smooth and he was discharged after 5 days. Currently the patient is able to walk long distances and there is no swelling in his feet.

Congestive cardiac failure is the end result of numbers of cardiac conditions that can usually be diagnosed with a combination of ECG, cardiac ECHO and Angiography. The symptoms range from shortness of breath, racing heart, tidiness/lethargy, swelling of feet and abdominal distention, dilated neck veins. Based on the cause of Congestive Cardiac Failure further treatment could be either surgical or medical management. Usually surgically treatment gives excellent results. Medical treatment is available for very early disease or who are deemed inoperable.

Dr. Vaibhav Mishra, Senior Consultant, Cardiac Surgery, Fortis Hospital, Noida said, “Our heart has four valves which can get affected by many conditions all of which ultimately lead to shortening (stenosis) or leaking (regurgitation). The heart with such abnormal valves has to work very hard and gets enlarged leading to reduction of its function and finally cardiac failure. If picked up at an early stage, this disease can be controlled by medicine to limit the extent of damage. An operation, if required, is less challenging and safer. I would suggest that shortness of breath, palpitations or racing heart, swelling in legs, and unusual tiredness or lethargy should not be taken lightly and a specialist should be consulted at the earliest.”

Dr. Pinak Moudgil, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospital Noida said, “Our doctors have repeatedly challenged life and death situations and have been successful in saving lives of patients who approached us in a near death conditions, using out-of-the-box methods that have helped to save valuable lives. We will continue our exemplary work in treating unusual complications with newer solutions and better outcomes for patients.”

Dr. Mehar K Bedi, Medical Director, Fortis Hospital Noida said, “We have a robust cardiothoracic surgery program headed by Dr. Vaibhav Mishra and his team. They perform complex cardiac surgies in addition to thoracic and vascular surgeries.”

Expressing his gratitude Mr. Gixo Wakili Nakwada, said, “I am so grateful to the doctor for his quick and accurate diagnosis and for providing the right treatment immediately. I could have been paralysed for life and dependant on my family members. Today I am able to resume all my day-to-day chores only because of the doctor and I am eternally grateful to him.”

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