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Western & central India’s 1st recipient with LVAD implant successfully discharged from Fortis Hospital, Mulund

Date : April 20, 2017

For the 1st time in Western and Central India, doctors from Fortis Hospital, Mulund, have successfully conducted an Left Ventricular Assist Device(LVAD) implantation on a 49yr old recipient. The successful surgery was conducted by Dr Anvay Mulay, Head of Cardiac Transplant Team, at the hospital.

The patient, Mr Arvind Doshi, a businessman by profession had a massive Myocardial Infarct(heart attack) five years ago that led to Congestive Heart Failure. His condition worsened leaving him bedridden, confining him to his home for the past six months. The patient, when evaluated by the Cardiac Team at Fortis Hospital, Mulund, was considered as a high risk candidate for a Heart transplant due to severe infection, end-stage Heart failure, Tuberculosis and soaring pressure on the Lungs. Upon weighing the pros and cons, the team led by Dr Anvay Mulay proceeded to perform the latest Thoratec HeartMate III LVAD implant surgery on him.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Anvay Mulay, Head of Cardiac Transplant Team, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, said, “Started originally as a bridge for transplant, it is now considered a permanent solution to end-stage heart failure management. It is labelled a Destination Therapy for patients for whom donor match is not found in time or those who may not survive a transplant. The device significantly enhances the quality of life of the recipient. According to the industry, this is the 1st LVAD recipient who also required temporary Right Ventricular Assist Device(RVAD) to be implanted into him.”

The recipient’s brother Mr Jitendra Doshi, who was skeptical about the outcome and finances related to the procedure, said,“The compassion with which Dr Mulay and his team approached my brother, rid my fears. Nothing can match our happiness to see him back on his feet”.

Dr S. Narayani, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, added,“We are ecstatic that the surgery was a success and the patient has gone from being bed-ridden for months to walking-on-his-own, post the surgery. Our clinicians have created another historical landmark for the state. With high Heart failure burden in the country, destination therapy can serve those who are suffer from severe heart failure but cannot undergo transplantation”.

Benefits of LVAD implant are multifold, the most apparent advantage being, not having to wait for a suitable donor. Also, unlike cadaveric transplants that require intake of life-long immuno-suppressants to facilitate organ acceptance, patients with the implanted device need to ingest only a blood thinning medicine to ensure the free flow. Immuno-suppressants inhibit the functioning of the immune system, consequently increasing the risk of contracting infections. Another noteworthy advantage of the artificial implant is that the device can be removed if the Left Ventricle recovers in due course of time. Importantly, the device is blood group agnostic.

About LVAD:

A left ventricular assist device, or LVAD, is a mechanical pump that is implanted inside a person's chest to help a weakened heart pump blood. LVADs may also be used as ''destination therapy.'' This means it is used long-term in some terminally ill people whose condition makes it impossible for them to get a heart transplant.

About Thoratec HeartMate III LVAD:

This is the most advanced technology available, that works the on principal of Magnetic Levitate and in recent studies done by the industry, suggests, that it has very low rate of thromboembolism, which was a major cause of concern in the earlier generations.

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