Dr. Mukesh  Kumar Garg

Dr. Mukesh Kumar Garg

Senior consultant
Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur Cardiac Anaesthesia, Cardiac Anesthesia

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr. Mukesh Kumar Garg is a Sr. Consultant& HOD in the department of Cardiac Anesthesia having 11 Years of experience. His areas of expertise includes intra operative management of cardiac surgery patient (shifting patient to operational theatre, putting intravenous cannulae, intra-arterial lines, central venous lines, pulmonary artery flotation catheter, anesthetizing the patient, intubation the patient, and putting the patient on ventilator and intra operative management of patient). Monitored anesthesia care for cardiac catheterization lab procedures like coronary angiography, angioplasty, balloon valvulopalsty, cath study of pediatric patient for congenital heart disease, device closure of ASD and PDA, large vessels angiography and interventions etc.



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