Hear it straight from these fearless fighters, who not only fought cancer bravely but let nothing stand in the way of their determination and courage.

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Don’t trust the myths related to cancer. Here we have addressed some of the common questions people ask about it. Feel free to share your query with us and we’ll get back to you in no time.
Yes, many types of cancers can be cured. Depending upon the symptoms and stage, if proper treatment is provided and due precautions are taken, the patient can successfully fight this disease.
The treatment options for most of the cancer patients include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. While these treatments often produce side effects including nausea, pain and fatigue, proper medication can help the patient deal with these effectively.
Eating plays a major role in helping a cancer patient. What you eat can be very important in helping you get over the disease and its treatment. While many people lose weight ...