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Meet The Best Cardiac Surgeons of Bangalore
Leading Cardiac Surgery Hospital in Bangalore
Best Cardiac Surgery Hospital in Bangalore
- First ever Asian hospital to pioneer Minimal Invasive Surgery in the continent
- First ever hospital in the world to make use of bioresorbable vascular scaffold in order to treat any heart disease.
- We are the first in Asia and the only hospital in India to use state-of-art technology for cardiac surgery.
- We offer India’s best percutaneous transcatheter aortic valve replacement therapy.
Department of Cardiac Surgery
Represented by the best cardiologists in the country, our Department of Cardiac Surgery boasts a tremendous success rate in both invasive and non-invasive cardiac surgeries. Equipped with advanced medical technology we have achieved the highest rate of success in cardiac surgeries in the form of cardiac bypass surgery and interventional cardiology. We have also achieved an overwhelming triumph in our minimal invasive surgeries, in the recent past.
Our ambulatory services are also unmatched in this country. We hold a commendable track record in the detection technologies like echocardiography, thallium heart mapping, and stress test. We also offer cardiovascular CTs along with non-invasive image processing as a part of our services.
We happen to lead in the fields of paediatric cardiac care and have gathered enormous achievements in treating cardiac issues of infants and foetuses. In India, we are the number one cardiac department dealing with Interventional Cardiology and Paediatric cardiology. We also provide international standard services in fields of non-invasive cardiology and electrophysiology.

Why Choose Us

  • More than 1000 patients are treated everyday
  • JCI and NABH Certified Hospital(Fortis Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road)
  • 24 Hours Service
  • International Patients Services
  • Best In-Class Services

Key Procedures

  • Procedures
  • Carotid Angioplasty & Stenting
    It is an intervention which cures clogged carotid arteries of a patient in order to treat stroke. The carotid arteries are the main arteries which supplies blood to the brain. They are located on either sides of a human neck.
    The procedure deals with inserting a balloon in the artery in order to widen it open. It also deals with placing a small metal coil known as the stent so that the artery remains wide enough and free from any blockages.
    It diminishes the chances of the artery becoming narrow again and consequently restricting the blood flow. This procedure is only undertaken in the cases where the traditional means of carotid surgery becomes too risky or practically impossible.

Our Team of Experts

  • Dr. Vivek Jawali
    Cardiac Sciences
  • Dr. Rajpal RL Singh
    Cardiac Sciences
  • Dr. Srinivasa Prasad B V
    Cardiac Sciences
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154/9, Opposite IIM-B, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560076
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