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275 Hospital Beds
Hospital Beds 9 OTs & 106 ICU Beds
Robotic Joint Replacement
About Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur
Fortis Escorts Hospital Jaipur (FEHJ) is the first NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) Accredited Hospital in Rajasthan, since July 2008. It is also the proud recipient of Nursing Excellence from NABH in 2016. These accreditations ensure that the highest and strictest patient safety standards are followed in the hospital. It is the veritable torch bearer of super specialty centres of excellence across the country. With over 245 beds, this tertiary care hospital has established itself as one of the best tertiary care hospitals in the region. In last 12 years, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur has successfully managed to develop world class facilities. Fortis Jaipur is a pioneer in high-end procedures like Kidney Transplant, Total Knee & Hip Replacement with Robotics & Computer Navigation, Adult and Paediatric Cardiac Surgery including Congenital Heart Disease, GI & Bariatric Surgery, Complex Neuro Intervention Procedures with minimal invasive through computer Navigation, Surgical & Medical management of Brain Stroke, Comprehensive & advance Cardiac Care, Laser Surgery, Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery(SILS), along with Trauma and Critical Care.

Our Infrastructure has:
Laminar flow modular operation theaters with Space Suits
Two Cath Labs with Electro-Physiology Study facility
Transport ventilators
Fully equipped ICUs
• Level III Neonatal ICUs, Pediatric ICU, Cardiac ICU, Neuro ICU
Stroke unit
Dedicated Kidney Transplant Unit
World-class Dialysis facilities
High end diagnostic equipment like 64 slice CT scan, 1.5 Tesla MRI and 100 Watt Holmium Laser
Advanced 3D Scan OCT, IVUS & FFR to Enhance Diagnostic Precision of Heart Diseases
Robotics & Computer Navigations for Joint replacement Surgeries
Neuro Intervention
24*7 in-house Pharmacy
24*7 In-house NAT Blood Bank
24*7 well equipped Ambulance and Emergency Services
Set on sprawling 6.67 acres, built in 3.42 lac Sq. ft. having 245 beds with 9 OT & 104 ICU Beds, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur has won several awards:

National QCI award for 5 consecutive years
FICCI Healthcare Excellence Award 2012
Business & Service Excellence award by Big research which acknowledges the hospital as the best Super Specialty Hospital in Rajasthan
ILD Community Leadership award-2012 that recognizes CSR initiatives of hospital
NEXZEN Excellence award for CSR
MT Healthcare Award, state level Productivity Award
3 National level Six Sigma Healthcare Excellence Awards - 2013 as best Hospital in Patient Care, best Hospital in Patient Safety and best Hospital in Quality Initiatives.

Why Choose Us

  • Experienced doctors backed by highly skilled paramedics
  • More than 37 year of clinical experience
  • Best in class medical services
  • State of the art medical technology

Treatment Procedures

  • Treatment
  • We offer a full spectrum of women’s health care services. We offer state-of-the-art technologies with superlative care offering a range of services such as painless deliveries, management of high-risk pregnancies/late pregnancies, among others. Fortis offers expert gynaecological treatment and specialist services for special disease groups. Women in different age groups have different health concerns, which are appropriately addressed.
    Services/Treatments offered:
    Gynaecological cancer surgery
    Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy (LAVH)
    Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgeries (SILS) and
    Treatment of fibroids
    Fatal medicine
    Endo-suturing with total laparoscopic hysterectomy,
    Laparoscopic cancer surgeries
    Laparoscopic removal of fibroids
    Water birthing
    Difficult myomectomies and hysterectomy
    Robotic Hysterectomy
    Robotic Myomectomy
    Robotic Endometriosis
    Robotic Surgery of Cancer of Uterus, Ovary, and Cervix
  • At Fortis, we provide comprehensive Gastroenterology and Hepatology services. This is backed by excellent endoscopy unit, radiology, histopathology services, surgical backup and ITU care. We believe in a team and multidisciplinary approach towards patient care.
    We have state-of-the-art endoscopic instruments (Olympus) and we perform diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies including:
    Endoscopic treatment of GI bleeding
    Difficult ERCP procedures
    Dilatation of oesophageal stricture
    Dilatation of achalasia
    PEG tube insertion (for patients with neurological disorder, stroke, feeding for cancer/malnourished patients)
    Oesophageal, pyloric, duodenal stent
    Argon treatment for Gastrointestinal bleed or cancer treatment
    Colonic polyp removal
    Colonic stent for colonic cancer
    Capsule endoscopy
    Endoscopic Ultrasound (for cancer staging, treatment of pancreatic pseudocyst and biopsies)
  • The Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement department specialises in arthroscopy, dealing with trauma recovery, spinal injuries and complicated joint replacement, are performed here to make sure that you derive maximum bone and joint health under our care. With an efficient line-up of leading orthopaedic doctors from around the country, we offer dedicated treatments in all minor and major osteoarthritic issues. One of our leading treatment modules includes platelet-rich plasma transfusion for patients with osteoarthritis. Our treatments involve minimally invasive surgeries for trauma recovery or even bone restructuring. Our team of anaesthesiologists, rheumatologists and rehabilitation experts are here to make your recovery smooth and rapid.
    Treatments Offered:
    ACL reconstruction
    Ankle-brachial index
    Cortisone shots
    Hip replacement
    Knee Osteotomy
    Knee replacement
    Spinal fusion
    Lumbar puncture (spinal tap)
  • The Department of Nephrology provides comprehensive care across the spectrum of kidney diseases. The departments transplant facilities are engineered to deliver quality care and successful outcomes even in ABO incompatible transplants. Our team of experienced doctors is recognised for their superior clinical skills and treats all categories of patients from children to elders. We have an eminent team of kidney transplant specialists, nephrologists, urologists and the technical expertise needed to meet the challenges of this life saving procedure. We offer the most advanced diagnostics, comprehensive pre-operative evaluation and dialysis support, the latest facilities available in surgical procedures, and complete post-operative care to minimize chances of infection.
    We provide dialysis service driven by an efficient team of nephrologists, nurses, and certified haemodialysis technicians along with registered dieticians. Peritoneal, nocturnal and short daily dialysis and haemodialysis are provided to both children and adults.

Our Team of Experts

  • Dr. Adarsh Bhargava
    Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Dr. Anoop Jhurani
  • Dr. Arun Agarwal
    Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Ashok Singh
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