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Our patient’s stories

Treated BY: Dr. Narayan Hulse
Fortis Hospital BG Road Bangalore

We are delighted to share the inspiring story of Swapna Dev Nath from Bangladesh, who underwent a life-changing total knee replacement surgery at Fortis Hospital. Swapna's unwavering determination led her to seek the expertise of our renowned medi

Treated BY: Dr. Kaushal Kant Mishra
Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi


  • When should I see an orthopedic specialist?
    You should consider seeing an orthopedic specialist if you're experiencing persistent pain, limited range of motion, swelling, or any other musculoskeletal issue that affects your daily life or physical activities.
  • What conditions do orthopedic doctors treat?
    Orthopedic doctors treat a wide range of conditions, including fractures, sprains, arthritis, sports injuries, spine disorders, joint pain, and more.
  • How are orthopedic conditions diagnosed?
    Diagnosis involves a combination of medical history review, physical examination, and often, imaging tests such as X-rays, MRI scans, and CT scans.
  • What is the recovery process after surgery?
    Recovery varies depending on the type of surgery. Physical therapy, rest, and adherence to post-operative guidelines are typically essential for optimal recovery.
  • How can I prevent orthopedic injuries?
    Maintaining a healthy weight, engaging in regular exercise, practicing proper body mechanics, using appropriate protective gear during sports, and avoiding overexertion can help prevent injuries.
  • What is robotic knee replacement surgery?
    Robotic knee replacement surgery is an advanced technique that combines the precision of robotics with the expertise of orthopedic surgeons to enhance the accuracy and outcomes of knee replacement procedures.
  • What conditions do sports medicine doctors treat?
    Sports medicine doctors treat a wide range of conditions, including but not limited to sprains, strains, fractures, ligament tears, tendonitis, overuse injuries, concussions, and joint issues.
  • What treatments do sports medicine doctors offer?
    Sports medicine doctors provide a variety of treatments, including rest, physical therapy, rehabilitation exercises, medication, joint injections, and in some cases, surgical interventions.
  • What is a Shoulder Specialist and what conditions do they treat?
    A Shoulder Specialist is a medical doctor who focuses on diagnosing and treating a wide range of shoulder-related problems and conditions. These may include rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, shoulder dislocations, labral tears, and more.
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