Dr. Mangal  Parihar

Dr. Mangal Parihar

Fortis Hospital, Mulund Orthopaedics / Bone & Joint Surgery

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr. Mangal Parihar is an Orthopaedic Surgeon, whose area of specialization includes Deformity Correction, Limb Lengthening using Ilizarov techniques and Orthofix fixators and Joint Replacement. Dr. Parihar's reputation and expertise extends equally to children and adults in the diagnosis and treatment of special Orthopaedic conditions including congenital limb deformities, post-traumatic limb conditions, bone healing problems, bone defects, skeletal dysplasias, metabolic disorders, foot deformities, peripheral nerve disorders, and other miscellaneous developmental deformities. For the past many years, Dr. Parihar has dedicated his career in improving the lives of patients with limb disorders. He has performed numerous limb reconstruction surgeries using some of the most advanced surgical methods used for lengthening and deformity correction. He is the leading reconstruction Orthopaedic surgeon in the country and holds an acclaimed presence amongst his peers. He regularly receives referrals from across the country and overseas, for problems that have not resolved with conventional Orthopaedic surgery. He is constantly updating himself with the latest techniques to bring the best to the patient. Recently, he has been instrumental in bringing Hexapod ? the six-axis correction system to India, which has revolutionized the world of deformity correction and limb reconstruction. Dr. Parihar's expertise includes performing Orthopaedic surgeries like soft tissue surgeries, internal or external fixation for fractures, internal or external fixation for deformity correction and limb reconstruction, combined internal and external fixation for limb lengthening and reconstruction, and joint reconstruction using external fixation or joint replacement. The surgeries are performed using state-of-the art equipment and techniques, with the utmost care for the soft tissue using minimally invasive techniques especially minimally invasive osteotomies.


  • MBBS,MS (Ortho)


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