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Academic Calender

First Term : 01 August, 2016 - 31 January, 2017

August01.08.2016Start of Basic B.Sc Nursing Course – Student induction & syllabus orientation
08.08.2016Breast feeding day Ms Deepa R and Ms Sujata K
08.08.2016Poster Painting Competition on Consequences of Ragging
09-10.08.2016Yoga  workshop
Every Wed.In-service education on Statistics by Ms. Poornima
15.08.2016Independence Day Celebration, Tobacco Prohibition-awareness session, Personality Development & Inspirational Speech
17.08.2016Last day for submission of synopsis of AVISHKAR-2016 competition.
18.08.2016CNE on Ventilator by Mr. Robin Rodrigues
3rd weekDeclaration of Summer examination results
27-31.08.2016Organ donation celebration- Essay ,poster painting, debate, sessions by expert, Rally at Marine lines
27.08.2016SNA election
31.08.2016Welcome Party
September01.09.2016National Nutrition week – Healthy recipe competition (Ms Raji Pillai &Ms Ashwini J)

Onam Celebration ( Mr Arun Dsouza & Mr Robin Rodrigues)


Dispatching monthly report of NSS

2nd weekUniversity Zonal sports
21.09.2016Collage competition on World Alzheimer’s Day ( 2ndYr PB– display information)
27.09.2016World Hearing Day (write up and display by 2nd yr Basic B.Sc Nursing.)
28.09.2016NSS quarterly and six monthly report
30.09.2016Submission of Convocation forms to MUHS
23.09.2016 to 02.10.2016Educational Tour (4th yr. Basic B. Sc. Nursing)
October01.10.2016International Day for Elderly ( 4th yr Basic B.Sc Nursing students)- Bulletin Board Display Women abuse among elderly- Write ups
03.09.2016Anti-ragging awareness programme – (Ms Jyoti C & Ms.Sujatha K)
1st weekApplying for Scholarship (Online) Social Welfare Dept.
1st weekSubmission of quarterly attendance report of students to MUHS
08.10.2016Welcome Party
08.10.2016World Sight Day (Write up and display) – 3rd yr. Ms. Deepa R, Mr.Robin R
10.10.2016World Mental Health Day ( 2nd PB) - Mr. Arun, Ms. Selvi
10.10.2016Dispatching NSS report
21.10.2016Women’s grievance committee meeting
3rd weekMass H. Education at Fortis Hospital OPD – Preventive Oncology
22.10.2016-29.10.2016Health Check up of students
27.10.2016Diwali Party
28.10.2016 -01.11.2016Diwali vacations for students
31.10.2016Admission cut- off date 
 Information to MUHS, SSPN, INC, MNC
 Submission of Continuation of Affiliation to MUHS
 Submission of I.A marks (Repeaters)
 INC Online information- Staff and students
November04.11.2016World Diabetes Day (2nd yr) Ms. Anisha & Ms. Jyoti
2nd weekCompilation of Student Documents for Eligibility
2nd weekPromotional Activity for Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing
2nd weekPravesh Niyantran Online
16.11.2016Dispatching NSS report & Paediatric Cardiology workshop
3rd weekUniversity Exam (Winter)
3rd weekCompletion of College Admission Register
3rd weekSubmission of Eligibility forms to MUHS
3rd weekInternal Assessment Check (Squad)
19.11.16World COPD Day ( 1st Post Basic B.Sc Nursing)
25.11.2016/26.11.2016Sport’s day - Mr. Arun Dsouza & Mr. Robin Rodrigues
December01.12.2016AIDS Day ( 4th yr.- chart/ Bulletin Board) - Ms. Jyoti
1st weekPromotional activity for Basic B.Sc. Nursing admission
1st weekResearch Methodology Workshop – Ms. Selvi
1st & 2nd weekCollege Mid Term Exam
16.12.2016NSS report sending
3rd weekOnline DMER Scholarship
21.12.2016Panel Discussion
22.12.2016X-mas party
23.12.2016 - 03.01.2017X-mas vacation for students
3rd weekPractical Exam for Repeater batch
28.12.2016Dispatching of NSS quarterly report
30.12.2016CNE & Journal Club
31.12.2016MNC Inspection fees to be sent
January02.01.2017Submission of quarterly attendance report of students to MUHS
02.01.2017CNE , staff meeting
 Journal Club
1st weekSubmission of INC file
2nd weekDeclaration of MUHS Winter Exam. Results
10.1.2017Submission of Women’s grievances committee
16.1.2017Dispatching NSS report
 20.01.2017Lamp Lighting
21.01.2017Women’s Grievance committee meeting
4th weekFile completion
4th weekSubmission of University Examination forms
Second Term : 01 February, 2017 - 31 July, 2017
February1st weekPromotional Activity for Basic B. Sc. Nursing
04.02.2017World Cancer Day (Female) Awareness in OPD-3rd yr., Robin
12.2.2017Sports Day
16.2.2017Dispatching NSS report
23.02.2017CNE , staff meeting
23.02.2017Journal Club
24.02.2017Sports Day - Mr. Robin, Ms. Deepthi, Mr. Arun
March2nd weekPicnic
16.03.2017NSS report sending
27.03.2017In-service Education
 Journal Club, staff meeting
3rd weekPre-final Exam
29.03.2017Submission of Quarterly and six monthly report of NSS
4th weekINC Inspection file and fees to be sent to INC, New Delhi
4th weekMUHS Inspection
April1st weekSubmission of quarterly attendance report of students to MUHS
07.04.2017World Health Day (Poster painting Competition)
13.04.2017Submission of Internal Assessment
16.04.2017Dispatching NSS report
24.04.2017CNE , staff meeting
 Journal Club
3rd weekDisaster Management workshop- Women Safety during Disaster
29.04.2017Women’s grievance committee meeting
30.04.2017Annual Day
May15.05.2017Summer vacation
16.05.2017Dispatching of NSS report
3rd WeekInternal Assessment check (Squad)
24.05.2017In-service Education
 Journal Club
 Notifications & promotions for admission
June3.06.2017Environment Day Celebration ( 2nd yr)
05.06.2017 to 17.06.2017Study Leave
16.06.2017NSS report sending
3rd weekMUHS final Examination (Theory)
25.06.2017Submission of Fees proposal to Shikshan Shulka Samiti
26.06.2017Submission of Quarterly report of NSS
July1st weekFarewell party by 3rd yrs
2nd-4th weekUniversity Practical Exams
16.07.2017Dispatch of NSS report
2nd/ 3rd weekAdvertisement for admission to Basic Nursing Course
3rd -4th weekMUHS practical examination
18.07.2017In-service Education
 Journal Club
 Planning of Next academic year
 Uploading of Research on Virginia Henderson’s website
29.07.2017-31.07.2017Annual vacation ( in case of completion of practical exam)