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Events and Photo Gallery

To foster leadership qualities and competitive skills in student nurses a wide variety of events are organised in the college.

1.15th- 21st June 2016International Yoga Week celebration
2.3rd Aug 2016Breast feeding week –theme orientation
Tribute to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
3.15th Aug 2016Independence Day Celebration-India
Stop Tobacco campaign
Personality development session
4.27th Aug 2016Street play competition on Palliative care - 1st yr Post Basic B.Sc Nursing
5.29Th  Aug 2016Fresher’s party
6.30th Aug 2016Management of First Aid clinic during Marathon organized by FM Radio Mirchi
7.5th Sept 2016Onam celebration and Teacher’s Day party
8.7th Sept 2016Burns workshop attended by 1st yr. PB. BSc. Nursing students
9.12th Sept 2016Panel discussion on Heart transplant- My role as a heart transplant team  member by .Dr.AnvayMulaye and team
10.12th Sept 20166 Hats of Thinking in Decision making process
11.21st Sept 2016World Alzheimer’s day- Collage competition and session by Dr. Girish Nair
12.21st Sept 2016Healthy snacks competition 
13.28th Sept 2016Clean Camp drive at Girgaon Chawpatty after Ganesh immersion
14.29th sept-2nd Oct 2016International Peace week celebration- pledge taking and use of Indian goods, SwatchtaAbhiyan
15.5th Oct-12th Oct 2016Leprosy surveillance and awareness activity in school and different padas of Khatiwali and  Dehgaon village
16.5-29th Oct 20169 Immunization Camps- at Vasind PHC, Khatiwali, Asangaon, Sane , Raikarpada,  Phanaspada and Sheresubcentres
17.5-29th Oct 2016Antenatal exercise demonstration during Indradhanush programme and ANC OPD
18.15th Oct 2016Promotion of eye sight camp in khatiwali village and its padas.
19.11th Oct. 2016Shramdan – SwatchataAbhiyan at Vasind PHC
20.14-15th Oct 2016Indradhanush Program at Vasind PHC
21.16th Oct. 2016Exchange programme – Health care delivery system in Canada in comparison to India- by Prof.Bilkis
22.23rd Oct. 2016Mass awareness  camp on Promotion of eye sight- Exhibition, check-up, demonstration of eye exercises and role play at Fortis Hospital OPD
23.27th Oct. 2016Promotion of secondary education among adolescent girls of KatakariPada.
24.27th Oct. 2016Gastroenteritis  survey in Asaongaon
25.28th Oct. 2016HCU Camp
26.9th Nov. 2016Role play on Prevention of eye injury during Diwali in Fortis Hospital OPD
27.9th Nov. 2016Shramdan
28.10th Nov. 2016Diwali Party and competitions- rangoli, diya decoration, hair style, mehandi
29.17th Nov. 2016Exhibition on Epilepsy at Fortis Hospital OPD
30.17th Nov 2016HCU camp
31.23rd  Nov 2016HCU camp
32.16-28 th Nov 20165 immunization camps and 12 short health education programme in Bhandup urban community
33.21st Nov. 2016Pulse Polio Camp , HCU camp
34.1st Dec. 2016HCU camp
35.2nd Dec. 2016Awareness generation camp on Alcohol Abuse at Thane Mental Hospital 
36.5th Dec. 2016HCU and CPR training for college students in K.J.Somaiya , Vidyavihar
37.13th Dec. 2016HCU camp at CST
38.19th Dec. 2016Shramadan
39.21st Dec. 2016Shramdan on the day of candle lighting.
40.22nd Dec 2016X’mas party , fund raising activities, competitions- card making, lantern making , carol singing
41.13th Jan 2017 HCU camp at Gansoli, Mhape
42.13th Jan 2017Garbhasanskar-ANC Diet demo, ANC clinic, Bhandup Maternity Hospital
43.14th Jan 2017Garbhasanskar- Devine Labour
44.15th Jan 2017Garbhasanskar- Breast Feeding techniques & Post natal Exercise
45.16th Jan. 2017Panel Discussion On Environmental Pollution Theme ” Nobody is holy”
46.18th Jan 2017Garbhasanskar- New born care- Immunization & Post Natal Diet
47.18th Jan 2017HCU camp at Dadar
48.22nd Jan 2017Garbhasanskar-Antenatal Exercises, Postnatal care
49.24nd Jan 20172 HCU camp at Bhandup and Thane
50.29th Jan 2017HCU camp, JET airway, Kalina
51.11th Feb 2017First aid clinic during cycle rally
52.7-9 Feb 2017Late Nanal memorial National level inter-medical college competition 2016
Poster Competition/ Case Presentation/ Topic Presentation/ Essay writing
53.13th Feb 2017Inter college/School Personality Contest & Dance competition
54.19th Feb 2017Annual Sports Meet
55.20th Feb 2017Pulse Polio Camp
56.28th Feb 2017Consumer awareness & Financial literacy program
57.17th & 29th Feb 2017Training on BLS & Ventilator at Covadian
58.10th Mar 2017Inservice Education Program for CHV/ANM/ Volunteers-ANC/PNC exercises
59.17th Mar 2017School Health Program
60.29th Mar 2017  Insight, Invoke, Inspire Workshop
61.12th March 2017Cancer prevention.
62.19th March 2017Workstations-Ventilator, ECHMO, HAPU
63.2nd April 2017Disaster Management Exhibition, Panel Discussion & Group Work
64.28th & 1st April 2017Cleanliness Drive
65.7th April 2017Picnic
66.8th April 2017College Picnic Esselworld
67.9th,10th, & 11th April 2017HCU camp at Kalyan


20th April 2017HCU at Thane
69.18th April 2017HCU at Thane
70.16th April 2017HCU at Thane
71.17th April 2017HCU at Thane
72.23rd April 2017Nutrition Demo. Exhibition (P.B.B.Sc.)
73.30th April 2017Nutrition Demo. Exhibition (Basic B.Sc.)
74.30th April 2017Panel Discussion & Exhibition on Disaster Management
75.4th June 2017Farewell Party
76.9th July 2017Annual Day
77.17th Dec. 2016Ashavmedh- Krida Mahotsav at zonal level, Panvel
78.19th Oct-21 OctAshavmedh- Krida Mahotsav at inter zonal level, Latur
79.19th Nov- 2nd DecKrida Mahotsav at interuniversity level, Nanded
80.17th Dec. 2017Research- Avishkar, at MUHS Nashik

The Rules and Regulations of the College are framed by the Management, Principal and faculty of the College to ensure a peaceful campus atmosphere.

A. Conduct and Discipline of students

  1. It shall be the bounden duty of every student to abide by the rules and regulations of the college, and to conduct himself/herself with discipline and decorum in all places and under all circumstances.
  2. Each student shall conduct herself/himself, both within and outside the campus of the Institute in a manner befitting a student of a prestigious Institute. Each student shall show due respect and courtesy to the teachers, administrators, Staff of the Institute, and to the visitors and residents of the Institute, and good behavior to fellow students.
  3. The students are advised to keep themselves aware of and follow the Institute rules. They are also advised to go through detailed Hostel rules and Prevention of Ragging rules given separately.
  4. Ignorance of rules shall not be an excuse for violation
  5. Every student must obtain on admission, the Identity Card which must have his/her photograph attested and wear the identity card on person whenever he/she is on the college premises and hospital, and present it for inspection on demand. Failure to do so would result in a fine of Rs.25/-
  6. Students shall do nothing either inside or outside the College that will in any way interfere with its orderly conduct and discipline.
  7. Every student shall care for the college property and shall do everything in his/her power to preserve cleanliness and tidiness of the furniture, building and the premises. Students shall not disfigure the walls, doors, windows, furniture etc. with bills, engraving etc. Students are not allowed to move the furniture (eg. Chairs and tables) from the allotted classrooms. A fine of Rs.25/- would be charged if the student is found sitting on a table/ chair handle or on any other furniture, not meant for sitting.  Also students will not dismantle any furniture from any classroom without the prior permission of the class coordinator.
  8. The loss or damage or disfigurement caused to the college articles will be made good by realizing double the loss or damages so incurred from the concerned students or through a collective fine covering all the students.
  9. Students shall be clean and decorous in dress, language and behavior.
  10. Students should not leave their books, valuables and other belongings in the classroom. Valuables should not be brought to the College.
  11. The College is not responsible for lost property. However, student may make a claim for lost property at the office, if it is deposited in the College Office.
  12. Students shall observe all safety precautions. The institute is not responsible for any accident, of whatever nature, in the institute, hostel, workshop, play ground and during any training or educational tour/trip
  13. Students who may be free during class-time shall not loiter on the Veranda or on the premises of the college. During such time they are to be in their Classroom/ Library/ Reading room.
  14. Students receiving Government or College Scholarships or any remission in fees, must note that the grant and continuance thereof are subject to good behavior, regular attendance and satisfactory progress and good results at the College and university Examinations.
  15. Students are expected to speak only in English in the College and clinical. Students are expected to reach the respective clinical area on time in appropriate uniform and with complete pocket articles and college identity card. If they fail to do so they will be sent back home. Students are not permitted to leave the clinical area before completion of duty. They are not permitted to leave one clinical area and move to other without the prior permission of clinical representatives.
  16. Mobile phones, iPods, etc should not be used in the campus without the express permission of the Principal. Use of cell phones would entail confiscation of the handset. It would be returned only: (a) At the end of the course or, (b) After payment of a fine of Rs. 1,000/-  Cell phones will be collected by the Class representative in the morning before the class, kept under lock and key by them and handed over to the students at the end of the day.  Any mishap will not be the responsibility of the College. Students are strictly requested not to charge their mobile phones in the classrooms/college
  17. Students must pay their fee/dues on or before the prescribed deadline failing which a fine will be charged @ Rs. 50/day. If a student leaves the course before completion, he/she will be required to pay the fee for the entire course.
  18. Students shall not invite or encourage outsiders to enter the campus.  Parents and guardians may meet the Principal and any teacher with their prior permission.
  19. Indecent behavior towards the opposite sex will not be tolerated.
  20. Ragging/teasing/intimidating/harassing/using words of abuse etc. on junior student’s especially female students with in the campus or outside are punishable/crime under Police Act and such matters will be immediately reported to the police. Students involved in such acts will be punished which may amount to:
    1. Imprisonment up to 2 years and
    2. A fine up to Rs. 10,000/- and
    3. Dismissal from the College
  21. If a student or a group of students or the entire students have any grievance of any kind what so ever, it is to be brought to the attention of the Grievance cell.  This cell will comprise representatives of staff and student body.
  22. Smoking, use of alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited in the college premises.
  23. In all matters not specified in the forgoing rules, students shall aim at conducting themselves respecting the rights of others so as to establish and maintain good tradition and reputation of the institution.
  24. It is the responsibility of the students to read the notice boards regularly for important announcements made by the College office/University from time to time. They will not be excused or given any concession on grounds of ignorance or not reading notices.
  25. Except in the meeting of the various College Associations, no student shall address any gathering in the college premises without the special permission of the Principal.

B. Attendance & Leave of Absence

  1. Every student shall attend classes regularly and punctually and shall refrain from any action that may disturb the smooth working of the college.
  2. When classes are in session, students shall not enter or leave the class rooms without the permission of the teachers concerned.
  3. Every student is required to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance separately for lectures, tutorials and/or practical conducted for each term, failing which the terms will not be granted, and the student cannot appear for the term end and/or annual examination conducted by the College on behalf of the University or by the University. The responsibility of making sure that a student has earned the required percentage of attendance (100% for the year) rests entirely upon the student.
  4. If the academic performance of the student is not satisfactory, the student is likely to be detained and will not be allowed to appear for the examinations conducted by the college on behalf of the University or by the University
  5. In case of absence on account of illness, the Class Coordinator/clinical supervisor /Principal should be informed by the students/parents personally. On resuming the college the student should report to the Principal along with the leave form signed by the parent/guardian and the fitness certificate. Avoid frequent absenteeism and late attendance. Student who is late / absent for over 3 days in a month will report through the class coordinator to the Principal next day in the morning prior to starting the usual academics.
  6. Application for leave of absence for more than 2 days due to illness should be supported by medical certificates.
  7. A student requiring leave for a day or a part of a day should apply for it to the Principal or to the Class Coordinator and get his/her counter signature .Prior permission should be taken for planned leaves like bank work etc. Students are not allowed to go outside the campus for their personal work in Uniform.
  8. Disciplinary action including removal from the rolls will be taken against those who repeatedly absent themselves on insufficient grounds
  9. Late arrival and early departure at or from a class are recorded as absence from the class/clinical. Students are not allowed to leave the Institute/Clinical area during working hours without the written permission of the Principal.
  10. If any student falls short of attendance, the same attendance will be sent to the University. The Principal of the College has the authority to withhold the University Examination Hall ticket of the student who is falling short of attendance.
  11. Make-up duty will be allowed ONLY during summer vacation and such make up duties should be completed with prior permission of class coordinator. There will be no carry forward of makeup duty in the next academic year. Students proceeding to their native place during vacation should book their journey ticket only after the vacation dates are declared via written notice and ensure makeup duty dates are confirmed .Any premature booking of journey tickets will not be entertained, they will not be allowed to go and strict action will be taken against them.
  12. If a student is absent on the first and last working dayof the college strict disciplinary action will be taken. Full day attendance is mandatory on the first and last working day of the college.Parents/Guardians are advised not to encourage their wards to remain absent without sufficient reasons during the academic session. Medical leave will be granted strictly only as per the Institute’s Medical Leave Rules for the students.
  13. If a student does not complete assignments on time, they will absent themselves from academics and sit in the library and complete it. The lost academic hours will be added in their makeup duty hours.

C. Examination:

  1. Students using unfair means at examinations will not be readmitted to the College. Actions will be initiated against such students as per the norms and procedure prescribed by the University of Mumbai or by the Maharashtra Board.
  2. A fine of Rs 1000 /- would be implemented on students who delay to submit their examination form or is absent on the day of signing of internal marks
  3. Students are expected to be in the examination hall 15 minutes prior to the examination.
  4. Students are not supposed to carry their books and mobile phones to the theory and practical examination area.
  5. There will be no retest conducted for any student for mid-term and pre-final examination. If the class teacher decided to conduct retest they should take Internal assessment committee opinion and also written “No Objection” from students in the respective class.
  6. If a student fails in internal assessment, the same marks will be sent to the MUHS, Nasik.