Study and Exams Skills 2016-17

Study and Exam Skills campaign - Fortis Healthcare

An annual campaign, Study and Exam Skills are a focus during the months of November to March. Activities ranging from workshops for students, teachers and parents with emphasis on skills relating to studying, giving exams, managing time, building schedules, managing pressure to name a few are a focus along with conduction of the Fortis Prosocial Peer Moderator Program module on Study and Exam Skills, webinars, surveys assessing skill levels, media and social media campaigns.

The following is a snapshot of the reach of the 2016-17 Study and Exam Skills campaign:

The salient features of the 2016-17 campaign are as follows:

  1. Talks on Study and Exam Skills at 125 schools, reaching out to approximately 1,50,000 students in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Bengaluru, Amritsar, Beas, Rohtak, Kurukshetra, Pilani, Sonepat, Vrindavan, Mathura and Haridwar to name a few.

  2. 186 schools participated in the Fortis Prosocial Peer Moderator Program in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Udaipur, Mumbai, Meerut and Jaipur with over 850 peer moderators trained who further trained approximately 20,000 students in their schools.

  3. 2 webinars saw attendance from 50 schools from 22 cities in India and were viewed by over 25,000 students and 2000 teachers.

  4. An animation film created on Study and Exam Skills had a viewership of 2,87,000 views on Facebook and 28,000 plus on YouTube ( ). The film was sent to over 3000 schools across India, and has been shown to over 5 lakh students.

  5. Live Facebook chats on topics relating to effective studying and giving examinations were carried out on the Facebook platforms of and Mirinda India.

  6. The National Exam Helpline received 50-150 calls a day through this period from across India and other countries in the Middle East and South East Asia.