Dr. Tejal  Lathia

Dr. Tejal Lathia

Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi A Fortis network Hospital Diabetes And Endocrinology

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr Tejal Lathia is a Consultant Endocrinologist trained at TN Medical College, Mumbai Central, Mumbai. She has worked as a senior registrar and then as an Assistant Professor at TN Medical College after completion of her residency. She has completed her MBBS and MD (Medicine) from MGIMS, Sewgram, Wardha.She has extensive experience in managing Complicated Diabetes mellitus, polycystic ovarian diseases, obesity, cholesterol problems, disorders of calcium and bone metabolism, thyroid diseases, pituitary diseases, problems with growth and development and other hormonal related disorders.


  • MD, DM (Endocrinology)


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