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Paediatricians And Child Specialists At Fortis Hospitals, India
Fortis Advanced Centre For Women & Child Care
Fortis Hospitals, India has been at the forefront of providing innovative healthcare as well as improving the health and wellbeing of children across the country. While we know that it can be a difficult time for you when your child experiences health issues, rest assured, you can feel confident that your child will receive the best medical care at Fortis. Our world-class medical team of leading medical minds and top paediatricians work together to better understand, treat and ultimately prevent the onset of the most devastating childhood diseases and ensure the best health outcomes for our patients.

Why Choose Us

  • Experienced doctors backed by highly skilled paramedics
  • More than 37 year of clinical experience
  • Best in class medical services
  • Highly Advanced Medical Care
  • 24*7 well equipped Ambulance and Emergency Services

Get Care With Safety At Fortis Hospitals With:

Medical Conditions Affecting Children

  • Treatment
  • Urinary tract infections or UTIs happen when there’s a build-up of bacteria in the urinary tract. This condition is usually observed in children right from infancy through their teen years and even into adulthood.

  • Cough is the body’s method to rid itself of the presence of any foreign material or mucus. A dry cough can indicate the onset of allergies while a cough with mucus may be indicative of bronchitis. Depending on the severity, the appropriate cough medicine will be suggested.

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