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Father-in-Law valiantly breaks through societal barriers to save his daughter-in-law

Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad Jun 16, 2017

Fortis Escorts Hospital Faridabad successfully conducted kidney transplant on Mamta Yadav, 33 years of age, recently. Mamta was presented with advanced renal failure and was advised to undergo hemodialysis while a team of doctors - Dr Ritesh Mongha, Senior Consultant- Urologist, Dr Sanjay Aggarwal, Consultant- Urologist and Dr Varun Verma, Senior Consultant- Nephrologist - contemplated her line of treatment in the near future which brought them to the conclusion that she will require a kidney transplant.


Mamta was critically ill when admitted to the emergency in December 2016 and had to be put on a ventilator post which she  was evaluated with a very rare disease “ANCA RELATED VASCULITIS” (a type of autoimmune swelling caused by autoantibodies) affecting all parts of the body specifically the lungs apart from destroying the kidneys. She was initiated on hemodialysis and given steroids with immunosuppressive therapy to which she responded favorably. Mamta was pulled out of the ventilator and subsequently discharged. However she needed three hemodialysis per week as her native kidney functions were completely lost.


The best treatment of renal failure is a kidney transplant. Mamta’s family did not want their patient to languish on dialysis, they wanted an early transplant. The patient’s primary disease however dictated a six month immunosuppressive therapy before a transplant could be offered. Meanwhile her family members were evaluated for a living donor kidney transplant,. Her parents were unfit for as donors since both are diabetic. Her husband, Sanjeev, who is a property dealer was evaluated next, unfortunately he did not match as a suitable donor. As fate would have it, Mamta’s father-in-law Prem Singh (56 years) a farmer had a matching blood group and was a good match. But no one had the

courage to ask him for donation.  During one of the follow ups on dialysis Prem Singh came to know of Mamta’s deterotriating health and to everyone’s surprise volunteered to donate his kidney.  

Dr Ritesh Mongha, Senior Consultant- Urology, “ There is always a shortage of appropriate donors and as per law only close family members are allowed to donate their kidneys. Medically this was a usual transplant case, however the most unusual thing in the case is a father-in-law came forward as a donor and donated his kidney to his daughter-in-law The case is an eye-opener for us also as doctors. The transplant was uneventful and both the donor and recipient recovered well.”

Dr. Varun Verma, Senior Consultant-Nephrology, “Since the patient’s kidney functions had been completely compromised we suggested that she should undergo a kidney transplant. Her family was clear that they did not want her to languish on dialysis. The challenge lay in finding a suitable donor for her. Her father-in-law stood out to be a suitable donor and after procuring appropriate clearances from him and the government authorities, Mamta underwent the transplant.”


Mr. Mohit Singh, Facility Director, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad said, “This case breaks all barriers of social norms and it is silver lining for families which suffer from inhibitions. Medically, we have expanded our health care delivery program to meet the needs of our patients and the community. When we are bringing in an exceptionally skilled kidney transplant team, we are offering the best standards in renal care at our hospital. The transplant team further supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced technology, fully equipped ICUs is all set to extend the best clinical outcome with strict adherence to the Fortis Policy of patient Safety.”


It is estimated that around 200,000 kidneys are needed every year in India and only about 2-3% patients get it. Twelve people die a day waiting for a new kidney as more than 100,000 people are on the list for kidney transplants according to the National Kidney Foundation. Less than 17,000 kidney transplants are performed every year in the nation.

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