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Kalyan Dombivli Mahanagar Palika (KDMC) and Fortis Hospital, Kalyan join hands to host health screening and blood donation camp

Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, Mumbai Jun 14, 2017

Every year, June 14th is celebrated as ‘World Blood Donor Day’ and is symbolized by a theme. The theme this year is ‘Blood Connects Us All’ which rightly states that each individual must understand the importance of donating blood and saving lives. India faces, on an average, a shortfall of 3 million units of blood annually. Lack of blood, plasma or platelets often leads to maternal mortality as well as deaths in cases of accidents involving severe blood loss.

The purpose of this camp hosted by the Kalyan Dombivli Mahanagar Palika (KDMC) and Fortis Hospital, Kalyan is to educate people and make them aware about blood donation and its significance, also denoting a thanksgiving gesture to the donors for their voluntary support for the cause. On this very occasion, KDMC in association with Fortis Hospital, Kalyan conducted a blood donation camp today along with the health screening of KDMC employees at Bai Rukminibai Rugnalay, Kalyan. These employees underwent tests for Blood Pressure, Random Blood Sugar, and ECG for those over 40yrs of age; followed by doctor consultations.

  • Shortage of safe blood particularly impacts children suffering from thalassemia, road traffic accidents and trauma victims, women with complicated pregnancy, cancer patients and those undergoing major surgeries.
  • Nearly five women die every hour in India from complications developed during childbirth, with heavy blood loss caused by hemorrhage being a major factor - WHO 
  • Once collected, blood is separated into red blood cells(can be stored up to 42 days), platelets (can be stored up to 5-6 days) & plasma (can be stored up to one year)

The event was graced by Shri. Sanjay Gharat, Addl. Commissioner and Dr Mrs. Smita Rode, Medical Officer of Health, Kalyan Dombivli Mahanagar Palika. Over 150 Cadre IV KDMC employees were
screened during this comprehensive health camp, which comprised of House-Keeping Employees and
other office staff.

Annual collection of blood in India is only 5.5-6 million units against the requirement of about 8.5 million units. It is reported that if only 3% of India's eligible population donates their blood, there will be no shortage of blood and its components in blood banks. This would mean that a significant number of deaths could be avoided if people donate blood regularly and voluntarily, so that safe blood is always available.

Speaking about the importance of this day Dr Mrs Smita Rode, Medical Officer of Health, Kalyan
Dombivli Mahanagar Palika, said, “Every drop counts, with this understanding, each Mumbaikar must
step-up to support and donate for the cause. We hope to collect sizable amount of blood today, which
will be sent to the Blood Banks for further dissemination”.

Talking about the initiative, Dr Sameer Kulkarni, Facility Director, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, said, “Blood is vital component for major life-saving surgeries, with well-equipped Blood Banks, it can be collected, stored and dispensed as per requirement to medical centres. We will continue to host more such camps with socially responsible outfits, which will help enrich the society as a whole. Out doctors have also taken it upon themselves to engage each patient & their attendants to support the cause”

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