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Can Diabetes Affect Your Eyes?

Can Diabetes Affect Your Eyes?

Dr. Suresh Palanisamy Shanmugam Apr 27, 2024

Can Diabetes Affect Your Eyes?

A 59-year-old female patient who has had diabetes for the past 23 years, which started as a post-partum effect, began experiencing sudden eye problems related to diabetes 7-8 years ago. She had a Small Vessel Occlusion in her left eye. Additionally, 5 years ago, she suffered from a CVA and initially turned to Fortis for help.

Since then, for almost 6 years, she has been undergoing treatment for her eyes at Fortis. She has undergone a total of 39 laser treatments. As of today, she has recovered 80% of her vision with successive and timely treatment, along with prompt follow-up and preventive care.

A similar case was witnessed in a 64-year-old male patient who has had diabetes for the past 15 years. Six months ago, he started experiencing eye problems related to diabetes. Interestingly, he wasn’t aware that diabetes can lead to eye disorders or any other disorders. It was only after he visited Fortis that he became aware that such diseases can arise due to diabetes.

After a series of tests and diagnoses, the doctors concluded that the patient's right eye ocular vessel had burst. It had started spreading to the left eye when he approached Fortis for help, resulting in partial blindness.

After 6 months of timely awareness and treatment, the patient has recovered his right eyesight.

The patient underwent a total of 10 laser treatments for his right eye. Initially, the treatment began with his left eye, and with only 2 lasers, the patient showed immense improvement.

The entire Fortis Family wishes both patients good luck for their fast and healthy recovery.


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