Dr. Rahul  Bhargava

Dr. Rahul Bhargava

Director & Head
Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram Blood Disorders/ Haematology | Medical Oncology, Hematology And BMT

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr Rahul Bhargava started his journey of Stem Cell Transplant from Medanta in the year 2010. He has completed over 800 transplants till date. Dr Bhargava has been credited of establishing 10 low cost centres across India namely at Sarvodaya hospital, Batra hospital, Action Balaji hospital etc. With a vision of anaemia free and thalassemia free India, Dr Rahul Bhargava actively collaborates with various government  initiatives in order to provide low cost BMT treatment to the masses. His longstanding vision of the first integrated centre of excellence in Haematology, paediatric haematology and stem cell transplant has been fulfilled at Fortis Memorial research Institute. In 2016 Dr Rahul Bhargava became the first Indian doctor to do and popularize stem cell transplant in multiple sclerosis. Owing to his vast experience in this field, Dr Bhargava is considered as one of the best stem cell transplant expert in Delhi and Gurgaon. Owing to his keen interest in community haemotology, Dr. Bhargava screened over 1000 children in schools across Haryana and surrounding areas. Dr Rahul Bhargava has also completed over 1200 CME till date. Dr. Bhargava is actively involved with the community in building awareness around various blood disorders.


  • MD (Medicine), DM (Clinical Haematology)

  • Champion of community haematology through which he constantly works on Anaemia Free India Runs a campaign called SAY NO TO WHOLE BLOOD where to educate the community of using blood components Actively involved in developing haematology in Uzbekistan, Iraq, Uganda, Rwanda and many other countries Visiting faculty at various national and international universities Member of ISHTM Founding member of Delhi hematolgoy Group

  • Best outgoing student in MD Bhopal Best outgoing student in DM AIIMS

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