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Pain and Palliative Medicine

Myth vs Facts for Pain Management & Palliative Medicine

Dr. Megha Pruthi May 02, 2024

Myth- Mild pain for long duration can be ignored.

 Fact- Any pain for long duration must be investigated as early diagnosis & treatment is more effective                 in all kinds of pain.

Myth- Pain is an inevitable part and parcel of cancer.

Fact- An estimated 70-90 % of advanced cancer patients suffer from pain. Pain can be effectively controlled in most of the patients by the use of oral and safe pain-killers.

Myth- Widespread pain is due to psychological problem (it is all in patient`s head).

Fact- Widespread pain like fibromyalgia is a real disease. Studies have revealed various causes including familial, underlying infectious or inflammatory amongst others.

Myth- Complete rest helps in recovering from back pain.

Fact- Staying active is more helpful than complete rest. Prolonged bed rest is not indicated in back pain.

Myth- Normal MRI scan of the cervical spine means that the pain is not real.

Fact- MRI may not reveal subtle changes in muscles and joints which can be the pain generator in spine.

Myth- All pain killers affect my kidney/liver.

Fact- Pain killers taken under supervision of your physician are safe.

Myth- Analgesics should be taken on SOS basis when pain is intolerable as their regular use may lead to addiction.

Fact- Analgesics for chronic pain should be prescribed on round the clock basis with a provision for breakthrough pain and not on SOS basis.

Myth – Interventional pain management involves steroids injection only.

Fact- There are many other types of interventions like PRP, RFA, Prolotherapy, cryoablation etc depending on the cause of pain.

Myth- Lumbosacral belt or brace helps in reducing the pain. 

Fact- Cervical collar/Lumbosacral belts/braces are no more recommended. 

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