Bone and Joint

The Bone and Joint Replacement department specializes in arthroscopy and is responsible for treating sports and spinal injuries, trauma recovery and complicated joint replacement involving hip, knee, elbow and shoulder. Such surgeries are skilfully performed with superior quality care and the team ensures that the patient acquires maximum bone and joint health under the expert supervision of the team doctors. With the help of effective and efficient leading orthopaedic team of doctors from various parts of the country, Fortis delivers accurate diagnosis and treatments in all major and minor osteoarthritic issues including Brachytherapy, extendable prosthesis for the patients, periarticular injury management, pathological and traumatic extremity fracture fixation and Total Bone replacements. A key treatment modules offered by the department includes platelet-rich plasma transfusion for patients suffering from osteoarthritis. The treatment procedures performed in the department employ advanced technology for bone restructuring and minimally invasive surgeries ensuring speedy trauma recovery. The team focuses on successful outcome by assuring fast patient recovery, scar less surgery with minimal blood loss and less follow-ups. The expert team of rheumatologistsanaesthesiologists and rehabilitation doctors is highly experienced and ensures to make the patient recovery process smooth along with delivering complete comfort to all its patients.

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