Best Paediatric Oncology Hospital in India

Malignancies such as Bone tumors, Lymphoma and Leukemia are quite common and highly prevalent in children. Fortis hospitals provides comprehensive care for all the subsites of childhood cancers to ensure an efficient treatment for children.

Recognising the special needs of children with cancer, our hospitals have created designated areas for Paediatric patients. There is a special clinic for children in the outpatient department which is manned by Paediatric Nurses. We have a dedicated team of experts in the field of Paediatric Oncology, who is adept and vastly experienced at handeling paediatric cases.

Understanding the fear of needles amongst children, we use central vascular access devices like PICC line, Hickman Line and Portacath. These devices make the oncology treatment among children, painless to a large extent. Entire blood sampling can be done through these devices and the whole range of IV medications can also be given through these devices.



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