Launch of Super ICU Campaign

DATE1st March 2015 - 6th March 2015

The crown jewel of our community health development program, the Super ICU, was launched recently. The campaign team includes the best of our internationally trained critical care experts, specially trained critical care nurses, and cutting edge technology to ensure optimum care for maximum recovery.

Our Super ICU includes:
• Advanced Air Filtration System
• Point of Care Testing
• Fully Mechanised Laboratory and Radiological Systems for Instant Viewings of Investigations and X-rays online.
• Advanced Ventilators for Optimal Patient Ventilator Synchrony.
• 24x7 Nursing Care on 1:1 ratio of patient.

To induce maximum exposure to the idea, we conducted various brand exposure techniques including press advertisements, bush shelter and bus panel marketing. We also placed hoarding on different prime locations across the city.


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