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Neurology Doctors in Fortis Hospital, Noida

Dr. Jyoti Bala Sharma

Dr. Jyoti Bala Sharma

Fortis Hospital, Noida

At Fortis, the Division of Neurology comprises a team of the leading neurologists in Noida, well assisted by advanced infrastructure and the latest technology. Our team of the neurologists has expertise in early diagnosis and efficient management of the disorders related to the nervous system. The department aims to provide a complete range of standard and personalized services for various diseases of the nervous system.

Our team of the best neuro physicians in Noida focuses on patient’s wellbeing and safety with the help of advanced diagnostic techniques and the latest treatment options in Neurology. Our team performs various surgeries with perfection for the management of multiple neurological disorders. Some of the common disorders treated by our best neurologists in Noida branch include:

Our team has access to the top neurosurgeons in Noida, who offer specialized services and follow set protocols for the emergency management of acute neurological disorders such as neurological trauma and stroke. The team of neurologists at Noida branch works in collaboration with other departments to offer quality care and rehabilitation programs to the patients based on their condition and severity of the disease. The department focuses on the ‘patient first’ principle and ensures superior care to the patients to achieve continuous improvement in patient outcomes and faster recovery of the patients

FAQ Section:

Q1. What happens during a Neurological Examination?

During a Neurological Examination, the Neurologist will review the patient’s medical history, with a focus on the patient’s condition and symptoms. The patient will then have to undergo an examination, constituting tests on strength, vision, coordination, puzzle-solving abilities, reasoning, memory, checking their reflexes, smelling abilities, ability to feel physical objects, and hear sounds. The results of these tests will help the neurologist assess if the problem is stemming from the nervous system or the brain. In some cases, the patient may require some further tests to confirm a diagnosis or determine the best treatment options.

Q2. What are some of the warning signs that indicate to consult a neurologist?

Some of the common warning signs to consult with a neurologist include:

Q3. How are the neurological disorders treated?

Most of the neurological disorders can be treated by taking a personalized treatment approach as the symptomatic relief or treatment varies for each condition. To assess the best treatment option for a patient, neurologists perform and interpret test results of the nervous system or the brain, depending on the patient’s condition and symptoms. The neurologists at Fortis Hospitals strive to provide effective and safe treatment options to the patients that help them maintain a superior quality of life.

Q4. What are the different tests advised by a neurologist?

The Neurology department offers a variety of procedures and tests, some of which are mentioned below:


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