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Fortis Mulund, Mumbai, conducts the 2nd heart transplantation

Date : August 07, 2015

NAVI MUMBAI: The Navi Mumbai Traffic department on Friday morning created a green corridor for heart transplant process for enabling to transport, sans traffic snarls, a live heart from MGM hospital in Vashi to reach the patient admitted at Fortis hospital in Mulund.

The ambulance carrying the heart left the Vashi MGM hospital's gate at 10.26 am. The Navi Mumbai traffic cops escorting the ambulance in jeeps and on motorcycles travelled non-stop along the Thane-Belapur road to reach till Airoli toll plaza from where the Mumbai traffic police team assisted them by providing additional escort to the ambulance. It enabled the ambulance to reach the Fortis hospital gate in 15 minutes clocking at 10.40 am, without facing any problem while navigating through the bylanes.

The traffic units of Vashi, APMC,Mahape and Rabale co-ordinated on walkie talkies to ensure that the green corridor is maintained till the heart reached the Mulund hospital well within the scheduled time much before the expected 25 minutes time period.

Escort route: Vashi MGM hospital-Shivaji Chowk-Arenja corner circle, sector- 17,Vashi-Kopri signal, sector 19- along Thane-Belapur road-Mahape junction-Rabale junction-enter Airoli node-towards Airoli toll plaza-towards Mulund Fortis hospital.

This the city's second heart transplant in a week which will be underway in Fortis Hospital Mulund in a short while. The recipient of the donor heart is a 29 year old Kalamboli resident who has been the mulund hospital since Friday in a serious condition.

While the donor of the heart has being identified as KN Kutty (63), resident of Trombay in BARC colony. For 20 yrs, he has worked with Tarapur BARC unit.He was the Senior scientific officer in BARC and retired now as he was Woking as faculty member as a Course coordinator for India association for radiation protection (specialist) for training purpose, informed his younger brother from Kerala, Murli Mohanan (53)

His brother-in-law P. ramachandran , who has come down from Kerala said, " apart from heart, Kutty has even donated his other vital organs like eyes, kidneys, liver and pancreas. He had died in a road accident in Chembur on 2 August after a biker hit him fatally while he was crossing the road. He was the team member with former president Late Dr APJ Kalam, during the Pokhran experiment in 1998.when he was the scientific officer.

The Times of, August 07, 2015, 01:15 PM IST :

Kerala man who saved two lives in four days

Indira Rodericks, TNN

MUMBAI: Sixty-three year old K Narayanankutty Nair, a resident of BARC Colony in Anushakti Nagar, Chembur has donated his eyes, heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas, a wish that he had expressed during his lifetime. The removal of the organs which began at midnight at MGM Hospital in Vashi have been sent to various hospitals in Mumbai where patients are waiting for transplants. While the heart and one kidney was sent to Fortis,Mulund, another kidney was dispatched to Hinduja Hospital, Mahim and the liver was sent to Global Hospital in Parel. Doctors from Laxmi Eye Hospital removed the corneas this morning as well.

Declared brain dead, following an accident on August 2 in Maitri Park in Chembur, the victim was rushed to the nearby Joy Hospital. Later that day he was shifted to MGM Hospital. "Having already pledged his eyes, my father had always expressed his wish to donate his organs," said his daughter Indu Nair, the victim's only child. He together with his wife Sobha were out on Sunday afternoon when a speeding bike knocked him down. Two passerbys helped take him to the hospital.

Originally from Chelakara in Trichur district in Kerala, he came to Mumbai in 1972 where he first worked at Tarapur and later at BARC. Even though retired he continued work as a training co-ordinator. His brother Murali Mohanan who arrived from Kerala following the accident said that he was a nuclear safety specialist who was part of the late APJ Kalam's team during the Pokharan experiment in 1998.

After confirmation from the hospital that the victim was brain dead, his immediate family consulted with other members ?and it was decided that the surgeries for the removal of organs should begin. "We even spoke to his 84 year old mother wh lives in Kerala and his three sisters who immediately agreed that his wishes should be fulfilled," said his son-in-law Hardik Modi., August 07, 2015 :

Mumbai: Another heart transparent underway at Fortis Hospital

By Sadaguru Pandit |Posted 5 hours

Merely three days after the historic first ever successful heart transplant surgery on 22-year-old Badlapur resident Anwar Khan, Fortis hospital Mulund is conducting the second such surgery on 29-year-old Kalamboli resident. While Khan had received the heart from Jahangir Hospital in Pune, this time the heart has been provided by MGM hospital, Vashi.

The donor, 62, who is a resident of Anushakti Nagar is a scientist at B.A.R.C.

The decision to conduct the operation was taken early in the morning on Friday, and a green corridor was created to transport the heart within fifteen minutes. Sources confirmed that the hospital called the traffic control room at 6.30 am today, requesting them to create a green corridor for the transportation of the heart at 9.00 am. However, as the procedure to retrieve the heart apparently got delayed, it finally started at 10.26 am.

"The ambulance left from MGM Vashi at 10.26 am and reached Fortis, Mulund at 10.40 am. The route used by the ambulance courtesy the green corridor created by Navi Mumbai traffic police was Vashi-Thane/Belapur Road-Airoli toll plaza-Fortis Hospital. It took 15 minutes to complete the journey," said Arvind Salve, DCP Traffic Navi Mumbai. Hospital authorities confirmed that the surgery started at 10.45 am.

They also informed that the 29-year-old man was admitted at the hospital on Friday with complete heart failure. He has been on the waiting list for heart transplant since July 7.

DNA, August 07, 2015 :

Mumbai green corridor: Heart transported successfully from Vashi to Mulund

Khushboo Panjabi

After the successful heart transplant on August 3, another green corridor was created in Mumbai on Friday morning. The stretch from Vashi's MGM hopital to Fortis hospital in Mulund was made into a green corridor to allow for a heart transport.

Navi Mumbai DP of Traffic police, Arvind Salvi said, "We were informed about a green corridor at the early hours around 6.30 am from MGM to Mulund Fortis. The Navi Mumbai police, traffic and beat marshals were deployed along with the coordination with Vikhroli and Mulund."

The Indian, August 07, 2015

Second heart transplant via green corridor in Maharashtra

The first successful transplant in Maharashtra took place on Monday when a heart was flown via a green corridor from Pune's Jehangir Hospital to Mumbai's Fortis hospital.

A second heart transplant in just a week using green corridor took place at Mulund based Fortis hospital after the donor, 63 year old man, passed away at MGM hospital, Vashi, lending a new chapter in the life of a 29 year old man who was struggling with dilated cardiac myopathy.

The surgery commenced at 10.45 am Friday morning and is currently undergoing under a team headed by cardio-vascular surgeon Dr Anvay Mulay.

This is the second heart transplant in less than a week in the city which has only witnessed three failed attempts in the last 40 years. The first successful transplant in Maharashtra took place on Monday when a heart was flown via a green corridor from Pune’s Jehangir Hospital to Mumbai’s Fortis hospital.

Dr P K Shashankar, hospital administrator at MGM Vashi said, “A team of doctors including neurologist, social workers and transplant coordinator counselled the family to donate for a noble cause. The patient was declared brain dead on August 6.”

The donor, Narayan Kuthi Nair, was a BARC employee. On August 2, he was hit by a motorbike in Govandi at about 1.45 pm and was rushed to Joy Hospital for treatment. When his medical parameters worsened, he was shifted the same day to MGM Vashi Hospital.

“A two hour surgery called cariotomy was conducted on his brain. He was kept under observation for the next few days,” Shashankar said.

On August 6, however, the 63-year-old was declared brain dead, also referred to brain stem death. In such a case, while vital organs like heart, kidney and lungs continue to function on ventilator support, the brain activity ceases to work.

Nair’s family gave their nod for kidney, liver and heart donation following which Zonal Transplant Coordination Center (ZTCC) was approached. The Hospital applied for local police NOC and was given details of hospitals and wait-listed patients. A compatibility test between donor and recipient was carried out and cross matching was done.

“By late night yesterday, we got all approvals,” Shashankar said.

The liver was sent to Global Hospital, Parel, one kidney to Hinduja hospital, Mahim, and second kidney and heart was transferred through a green corridor to Fortis hospital, Mulund.

The heart was extracted between 8.30 am to 9 am at MGM hospital following which local police and traffic department swiftly transported it into an ambulance. A green corridor is a concept in which traffic is halted to allow passage of one vehicle in the lane. Several traffic constables were stationed in the route to control vehicular movement.

By 10.45, doctors at Fortis hospital commenced the surgery into a Kalamboli resident’s body., August 07, 2015 :

Police ready for repeat of green corridor in Mumbai MUMBAI:

After the success of Monday`s green corridor for ferrying a heart from the airport to a hospital in Mulund for a transplant, the traffic department is confident of pulling off the feat again. Senior officers, however, pointed out that it would be a challenge during evening peak hours. State public health minister Dr Deepak Sawant had said on Wednesday that the government was thinking of having a permanent green corridor for ambulance services. "We can definitely create a green corridor for heart transplant cases. But we need to be informed in advance so we can make arrangements and co-ordinate with all the agencies, including the hospital. It is also crucial as to what time of the day the green corridor is to be created," said joint commissioner (traffic) Milind Bharambe.

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