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Accidental ingestion of long fine dressing pin successfully removed by minimal invasive endoscopic method

S L Raheja Hospital, Mumbai Apr 28, 2017

A 28-yr-old healthy female accidentally ingested a long fine dressing pin which she was holding in her mouth while tying a veil. She was asymptomatic after ingestion. She was brought into the Emergency Department of Fortis S.L Raheja Hospital six hours after ingestion. The X-ray of the abdomen suggested that the pin was in the stomach; hence the patient was referred to Dr. Mehul Choksi, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Therapeutic Endoscopist at the hospital.

Dr. Choksi performed an Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy for removal of the sharp foreign body as they have a high incidence of intestinal perforation (formation of holes) and complications, if left behind for natural passage. Upon conducting the Endoscopy, it was seen that the pin was not in the stomach or early small intestine but had migrated deep into the long small intestine (Jejunum). Dr. Mehul Choksi utilized the advanced and specialized endoscopy equipment called the Single Balloon Enteroscope to help negotiate into the long intestine and carefully retrieve the pin. The pin measured 5.2 cm in length. Dr. Choksi displayed highly competent advanced endoscopic skills in removing the object without any complications. The patient was discharged uneventfully the next day and has been doing well on follow up and is on normal diet.

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