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pictures of Dr. Udipta Ray and other professionals at the roadshow in new delhi

Dr. Udipta Ray shares insights on Robotic Cholecystectomy at Robotic Hernia Surgery Roadshow 2023, New Delhi

Nov 24, 2023 to Nov 24, 2023

On November 24, 2023, at a Intuitive Robotic Hernia surgery Roadshow held in New Delhi, Dr. Udipta Ray, Director GI, General Surgery and Robotic Surgery at Fortis Anandapur Kolkata, shared insights from his experience of conducting over 100 cholecystectomy surgeries using the Da Vinci 4th Gen system. He addressed an audience of more than 50 robotic surgery specialists in general and gastrointestinal procedures from across the country, including Dr. Reza Gamagami, a seasoned practitioner at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, USA, renowned for performing over 4000 procedures. Dr. Gamagami lauded Dr. Ray's patient care outcomes, notably praising the reduction in postoperative pain without narcotics in robotic cholecystectomy surgeries compared to laparoscopy, where 20% of patients required narcotics despite reporting higher pain scores. Dr. Ray's presentation of his robotic cholecystectomy outcomes and operative techniques, emphasizing bloodless intraoperative complexity management, received accolades from both Dr. Gamagami and other attendees. During the ensuing panel discussion, Dr. Ray's patient-centric approach, aimed at ensuring early happiness for patients, garnered appreciation from his peers. The panel unanimously agreed that the "Robot" stood as the most precise, safest, and best surgical tool available today, reaffirming Dr. Ray's commitment to patient safety and rapid recovery. His meticulous and safe surgical practices have significantly contributed to the early recovery of patients and underscored Fortis Anandapur's steadfast dedication to prioritizing patient welfare.


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