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Oncology specialization programme

Fortis Anandapur, Kolkata organizes three months of hands-on training for Oncology with a specialization programme

Nov 17, 2022 to Mar 17, 2023

Fortis Hospital Anandapur Kolkata, has taken an initiative for the Nurses who are taking care of patients undergoing Chemotherapy with the aim of enabling them in increasing their knowledge on Cytotoxic drugs & increasing the awareness on the safe administration of those drugs & their appropriate action to deal with potentially hazardous situation.

This is an in-house specialization program. The 1st batch started on 17th November 2022 with a total of 15 nursing staff. The session was inaugurated with a lamp-lighting ceremony in presence of Mr. Ashish Mukherjee (Facility Director), Dr. Prantar Chakraborty (Hemato-Oncologist), Ms. Doli Biswas (Chief Nursing officer), Ms. Banani Bhattacharjee (DCNO)& Capt. Nivedita Ganguly (Infection Control Nurse Manager). On successful completion of the course of the 1st batch, the participants were appreciated with a course completion certificate on 17th March 2022 and the participants of the 2nd batch with 16 nursing staff were welcomed with a small token of remembrance to energize them. The ceremony was concluded with a group photo session of all participants & the dignitaries present.


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