Psychological Services

  • Clinical Psychology – Our Clinical Psychologists, licensed by the Rehabilitation Council of India, specialize in the psychotherapeutic treatment of emotional and behavioural disorders. They provide psycho-diagnostic evaluations, which include an assessment of developmental, intellectual and academic functioning, neuropsychological functioning and personality dynamics.
  • Counselling Psychology – Our Counselling Psychologists facilitate coping for individuals and families with life situations that may otherwise be overwhelming or debilitating. Giving special emphasis to health counseling and providing psychological support to patients admitted in our hospitals, we amalgamate psychological care within primary healthcare.
  • Psycho - Oncology – A specialized field that deals with the psychological and social aspects of cancer. Our psycho – oncologists support patients of cancer as well as families and caregivers through the various stages of the diseases in order to enhance their quality of life and ensure compliance.
  • Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy – One of the only private hospital networks across the country that houses a comprehensive Psychoanalytical Unit within the mental health department, these psychotherapists take Freudian and post Freudian approaches to therapy to work through early life traumas and change long standing maladaptive personality and relational patterns.
  • Art Based Therapy - Creative arts based therapies, including visual arts, music, storytelling, creative writing, and movement in a therapeutic setting, address behavioural problems like ADHD and aggression, psychiatrics disorders such as depression, and aid in working through physical, emotional and sexual trauma. We provide art-based therapy to all pediatric patients admitted in the hospital in order to ease the psychological distress that comes with medical illness and hospitalization.
  • Remediation – Special educators, through the use of specific and multi-sensory techniques and individualized education plans, assist children with learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and attention deficits to cope with their academic demands. Occupational therapy aims at restoring cognitive and motor functioning in children with developmental disorders, while also modifying tasks and teaching skills to carry out activities of daily living.