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best breast cancer hospital in India

Breast Cancer Hospital in Mumbai

Dr. Uma Dangi May 14, 2024

Best Breast Cancer Treatment in Mumbai

Fortis Hospitals, Mumbai Oncology Department offers comprehensive care for all types of breast cancer. Our centre is well-equipped with high-end technology and equipment to provide the latest methods of cancer screening and ensure the accurate diagnosis of the disease. Using a range of advanced diagnostic tests such as pathology lab tests (tumour markers), imaging tests such as mammography, ultrasonography and breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), our experts can help detect cancer at the early stages, paving the way for crucial decisions regarding treatment. The hospital offers life-changing care through multiple modes of treatment based on an individual patient’s physical, social and emotional status. Using a collaborative approach, our oncology team of experts comprising various departments such as general & laparoscopic surgery, neurology, orthopaedic surgery and plastic surgery arrive at a customised therapy plan, depending on the stage and type of malignancy.

Fortis Mumbai - Best Hospital for Breast Cancer Treatment in Mumbai

At Fortis, patients can avail multiple leading-edge and combination treatment options in the areas of medical care (chemotherapy, immunotherapy), radiation therapy (brachytherapy) and surgical care (lumpectomy, mastectomy, axillary lymph node dissection). The use of an evidence-based approach in patient care has enabled us to be a leader in the city for excellent clinical and surgical outcomes, at par with international standards.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Following are some tests and procedures that may be used to diagnose breast cancer:

1. Breast exam: Your doctor will check the breasts for lumps and other abnormalities.

2. Mammogram: A type of X-ray that produces images, helping a doctor detect any lumps or abnormalities.

3. Ultrasound: This scan uses sound waves to help a doctor differentiate between a solid mass such as a tumour and a fluid-filled cyst.

4. Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): MRI combines different images of the breast to help a doctor identify breast cancer.

5. Breast biopsy: Your doctor extracts a tissue sample from the suspicious area to have it tested for cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment

After breast cancer is diagnosed, your doctor will work to establish the extent (stage) of your cancer. Staging breast cancer helps determine a person’s chances of recovery and the best treatment options.

As a frontrunner in breast cancer treatment in Mumbai, Fortis offers a variety of treatment options, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy drugs, etc.

The type of treatments you receive will depend on various factors, including - 

    a. the type and stage of the cancer

    b. the person’s age, overall health and preferences

    c. whether cancer cells are sensitive to hormones, etc.

1. Surgery: Several types of surgery may be used to remove cancer, including: 

    a. Lumpectomy - this procedure removes the tumour and a small amount of surrounding tissue, leaving the rest of the breast intact.

    b. Mastectomy - this procedure involves removing the entire breast.

Other surgical procedures include sentinel node biopsy, axillary lymph node dissection, and reconstruction.

2. Chemotherapy: Often used along with other treatments, especially surgery, it is a drug treatment used to kill cancer cells.

3. Radiation therapy: It uses high doses of radiation to target and kill cancer cells.

4. Hormone therapy: It slows or stops the growth of cancer cells using hormones to grow.

5. Immunotherapy: It uses your immune system to fight cancer

6. Targeted therapy: It uses drugs to destroy specific abnormalities within cancer cells.

Our care team in consultation with the patient creates a customised treatment plan based on the clinical condition, type, and stage of cancer.

Breast Cancer Specialists at Fortis Hospitals, Mumbai

Fortis has one of the largest and most experienced practices in India. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts skilled in dozens of specialities work together to ensure quality care and successful recovery throughout your cancer journey:

    a. Medical Oncologists

    b. Radiation Oncologists

    c. Surgical Oncologists 

    d. General, laparoscopic and plastic surgeons 

    e. Well-trained oncology nurses, radiotherapists, physiotherapists, clinical nutritionists, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, etc. 

The team works closely with neurologists, anaesthetists, intensive care specialists, infectious diseases specialists, pathologists, radiologists and clinical pharmacologists.

Why Choose Fortis Hospital Mumbai for Breast Cancer Treatment in Mumbai

Fortis Hospitals Mumbai is a frontrunner in the treatment of breast cancer in Mumbai. Breast cancer treatment offered at Fortis Hospitals Mumbai encompasses the entire range of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy and surgery. Among the surgical options, lumpectomy or removal of the tumour in the breast and mastectomy, partial and total, to remove part of, or, the entire cancerous breast is the most effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Brest Cancer?

A: Breast cancer refers to cancer that develops in the cells of the breasts. This type of cancer typically forms in either the lobules or the ducts of the breast. Breast cancer is far more common in women, although it can also occur in men. Worldwide, advances in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer have helped improve survival rates dramatically. 

Q: How urgent is breast cancer surgery? Should you wait for a second opinion?

A: Having breast cancer does not mean you should immediately have surgery. Our skilled oncologists at Fortis Hospital Mulund suggest waiting for a few weeks, unless the tumour is weighing down another organ or has spread to other parts of your body. This gives you time to learn more about your diagnosis and condition. When you have the most capable and skilled oncologists at Fortis Hospital Mulund guiding you towards the right decision, a second opinion is just not required.

Q: Can someone have breast cancer and not know? What are the signs and symptoms we shouldn't ignore and reach the best breast cancer hospital?

A: Since all cancers manifest differently in different people, it’s the same with breast cancer too. So, you might not know you have breast cancer because there may not be any noticeable symptoms. The most common signs and symptoms of breast cancer are:

    1. A lump or lumps in the breast or underarm area

    2. Breast pain

    3. Swelling of the entire breast or part of it

    4. Skin irritation or dimpling of the breast

    5. Nipple pain or inverted nipple (turning inwards)

    6. Nipple discharge (not breast milk)

    7. Thickening of the nipple or breast skin

    8. Redness and scaliness of the nipple or breast skin

Q: Why Fortis Hospital, Mumbai is the best cancer hospital in Mumbai

A: At Fortis Hospital Mulund, our cancer care department adopts the best policies in cancer detection and treatment. We have an oncology team of the highest caliber to prescribe the most effective treatment methodology in an environment of comfort. They brainstorm on individual cancer cases to discern and determine efficacious modes of treatment that include chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, stem cell transplants and surgery. Their diagnostic and surgical prowess is ably complemented by the state-of-the-art labs and operation theaters that make Fortis Hospital Mulund a leader in cancer care.

Q: Why Fortis Mumbai is the best technically advanced breast cancer hospital for complex cases?

A: For quick and precise breast cancer detection, Fortis Hospital Mulund is equipped with the highly advanced medical technology. Right from having high precision MRI, CT scans and ultrasound imaging equipment to the 3D Mammography machines, Fortis Hospital Mulund is a leader in breast cancer screening infrastructure. Radiation therapy requires extremely efficient and modern technology to administer high beams of energy to shrink the cancer cells in the breast. In this too, Fortis Hospital Mulund has the most sophisticated 3-D Conformal Radiation technology. This enables our trained radiation oncologist to direct higher levels of radiation precisely onto the cancerous tumour in the breast without affecting the surrounding organs or tissues.

Fortis Healthcare, best hospital in India stands out as a leading destination for cancer treatment in Mumbai and beyond. Renowned for its expertise, Fortis Hospitals offer unparalleled care for various types of cancers, including breast cancer. With a team of skilled specialists and cutting-edge technology, Fortis ensures comprehensive and personalized treatment plans, making it the top choice for patients seeking the best cancer care in Mumbai and across India.

Visit our Best Breast Cancer Hospitals in Mumbai, India

Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai

Mulund Goregaon Link Road, Mulund-West, Mumbai, 400078

Ph. 022 4111 4111

Fortis Hiranandani Hospital Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Mini Sea Shore Road, Sector 10, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400703

Ph. 022 6884 6132

Fortis Hospital Kalyan, Thane

Shill Road, Bail Bazaar, Kalyan, Mumbai, 421301

Ph. 022 6884 6134

S L Raheja Hospital - A Fortis Associate Mahim, Mumbai

Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400016

Ph. +91 89 56 087400

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